23 January 2015

Tamil movie Darling - Casts and crew, Story and Complete Review

Tamil movie Darling stills
In this page of Tamil Cinema Bio we shall look about the Tamil movie Darling in which Tamil music director G V Prakash Kumar has made his  debut movie as the hero of the movie. We shall look this article with the sub titles of Casts and Crew of Tamil movie Darling, Story and complete review.

Tamil movie Darling - Casts and Crew:

Main male actor ( actor ) - Tamil actor G V Prakash Kumar

Main female actor ( actress ) - Tamil actress Nikhil Galrani

Supporting actors of Tamil movie Darling - Tamil comedians Bala Saravanan, Karunas and Naan Kadavul Rajendran.

Director - Tamil cinema director Sam Anton

Producer - Allu Arvind and K E Gnana Vel Raja

Music - G V PRakash Kumar

Cinematography - Krishnan Vasant

Tamil movie Darling - Story:

The movie starts with a selfie video being taken by Tamil actor Kalaiarasan with his wife whom he has married very recently. At the end of the video there is a crack happens and the video gets ceased. Then the movie goes to the life of three youngsters, all of them deciding to commit suicide at a time. The three youngsters are Tamil actor G V Prakash Kumar, Tamil actress Nikhil Galrani and comedian Bala Saravanan. After that, Tamil cinema comedian Karunas joins the club of committing suicide.

Based on the idea of G V Prakash Kumar, all of them going to a house which is believed to be a ghost house in the city to commit suicide all together. Then the movie moves with some comedy scenes by KArunas and Bala Saravanan in the ghost house. Then the four characters in the house start telling their own stories that G V PRakash Kumar has a love failure and due to that he decided to commit suicide. The other characters are telling their stories in a short manner. After that we the audience come to know that Nikhil Galrani has had one sided love with G V Prakash Kumar during her college days.

At a stage, Nikhil Galrani proposes her love to G V Prakash Kumar, initially he hesitates to accept her love but later on when he comes to know that Nikhil Galrani has been in love with him more than 2 years. So then G V Prakash Kumar accepts the love of Nikhil Galrani. One day G V Prakash Kumar goes to hug Nikhil Galrani, but when he hugs her, all of a sudden a ghost comes into the body of Tamil actress Nikhil Galrani and starts beating G V Prakash Kumar heavily. This event of a ghost coming into the body of Nikhil Galrani when ever G V goes to hug her is happening more often.

After some days, G V Prakash Kumar is sharing all these things to his friends both, Bala Saravanan and Karunas. After that both Karunas and Bala Saravanan also getting beaten by the ghost is well. so finally, did G V Prakash Kumar made love with Nikhil Galrani or not? Who is the ghost? What is the relation between the ghost and the ghost house are the questions answered at the climax of Tamil movie Darling.

Tamil movie Darling - Complete Review:

The movie contains good thrilling sequences and perfect Back ground music is well. The movie has some twists in the story which gives good movie watching experience with the good back ground music. Even though this is the debut movie for G V PRakash Kumar as the hero, he has acted good in this movie well. Not only him but also the actress Nikhil Galrani who is new for Tamil cinema industry has also acted good and her beauty has helped the character of the ghost of the movie a pretty one as per the name of the movie Darling.

The music has been one of the big powers of the movie that the back ground music is also a back bone of the movie and the Back ground music has given the color for this thriller movie.

Over all, Darling is one of the good ghost thriller movies have come in recent days.

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