Tamil movie Lingaa - Casts and Crew ; Complete Story and Review

Rajni and Anushka Shetty for Tamil movie Lingaa
In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we shall look about the Tamil movie Lingaa in which Tamil actor Rajnikanth has done the major male role under the direction of K S Ravi Kumar with the music of Tamil cinema music director A R Rahman. We have the sub titles for this article such as, Cast and crew of Tamil movie Lingaa, story of lingaa and review about the movie.

Casts and Crew of Tamil movie Lingaa:

Main male lead role ( Hero ) - Tamil actor Rajnikanth ( double action )

Main female roles ( Heroins ) - Tamil actresses Anushka Shetty and Sonakshi Sinha

Villain of Tamil movie Lingaa - Jagapathy Babu

Comedian in Tamil movie Lingaa - Santhanam and Sathish

Other actors in Tamil movie Lingaa - Radha Ravi, Vijaya Kumar, Vishwanath, Dhaadi Balaji and others

Direction - K S Ravi Kumar

Producer - Rockline Venkatesh

Music - A R Rahman

Cinematography - Rathna Velu

Story - Pon Kumaran

Tamil movie Lingaa - Story line :

The movie starts with the introduction of the character of Tamil actor Rajnikanth that he is a thief living in city and stealing many things, including jewels and going to police station often. On the other hand there is a big village is having a dam which was built by another character of Rajnikanth namely Lingeshwaran at the British period in India ( 1939 ). At the live time of the movie ( 2014 ), a Government Inspector comes to inspect the dam and after the inspection and making positive inspection report, he is getting threatened by the villain ( Jagapathy Babu ) to give the negative report on the dam, so that the villain can apply to the central government for a new dam for the village and loot huge money as he is an MP. So the inspector is getting killed and before getting killed, the inspector scans the positive report about the dam and put in a pen drive and throws the pen drive into the temple and dies. Tamil actor Vishwanath who is one of the senior persons of the village looks at the murder by his eyes that 4 guys killing the inspector but not seeing who kills.

Before dying, the inspector informs Vishwanath to open the temple ( into which he threw the pen drive ) for saving this village. On hearing this, Vishwanath decides to open that temple, but as the temple itself was also built by Lingeshwaran and Vishwanath desires for the temple to get opened by the grandson of Lingeshwaran only, he asks all the people of the village to go in search of the grandson of Lingeshwaran in all the places. In that searching mission, the character of Tamil actress Anushka Shetty who is working in a TV channel is also joining as she is the daughter of a man from that village. Finally she finds Lingaa Rajnikanth who is the grand son of Lingeshwaran and calls him to the village, but Rajni kanth denies as he is in anger on his grand father already. After meeting up, Tamil actor Rajnikanth and Tamil actress Anushka Shetty is stealing a grand diamond ornament worth 3 crore of Indian money with the support of Santhanam, dhaadi balaji and his friend.

At the end of this successful robbery, Rajnikanth gets vexed when he gets cheated by the man who bought the ornament from Rajni and police starts searching Rajni regarding the robbery. As the situation gets tough in the city, Rajnikanth decides to move to the village. Soon after reaching the village, Rajnikanth gets huge respect from that village people. Then Vishwanath reveals an important matter that the temple that going to be opened by Rajnikanth is having a lord Shiva Lingam made up of a priceless stone. So, on the same night, Rajnikanth enters into the temple to rob that statue and plans to leave the village. But unfortunately, the village people gets alert and catches Rajnikanth with red hand, but the situation and the confidence of Vishwanath on Rajnikanth, saves him from the people.

On that spot, Vishwanath starts telling about the story of the grand father of Rajnikanth ( Lingeshwaran ) that he was the collector of that village during the British people ruling period in India. One day Rajnikanth visits the village and looking at the scarcity of the village people due to no water for agriculture. So, as a collector, Rajnikanth decides to built a dam with the support of the British government. But the British officials stand against him. So, Rajnikanth resigns him collector job and decides to build a dam for the village of his own. But the British officer makes lot of troubles to Rajnikanth and disturbs the dam construction in many ways. At last, Rajnikanth builds the dam but due to the conflicts with the village people he denies to open the dam and the temple by his hand. After this flash back, what happens to the dam? What happens to the love story of Anushka Shetty with Rajnikanth ? etc questions have been answered in the second half of this lengthy interesting movie.

Tamil movie Lingaa - Review:

This is a perfect Rajnikanth -K S Ravi Kumar combination movie with the support of A R Rahman and other commercial entries like Anushka Shetty and Sonakshi Sinha. The story of the movie Lingaa  has been well handled with twists and turns in the first half. But the second half screen play is well predictable that during the visit of Rajnikanth into the village, we could predict that Rajni will talk to the Brtish government about the dam and during the meeting of Rajnikanth with the British government, we could predict that they will deny to build dam and Rajnikanth will himself build it with his money. Some thing like these. The scenes when Rajnikanth is in the city as a thief, there is no scarcity for laughter that Rajnikanth has himself done the comedy tracks with Tamil cinema comedian Santhanam.

Tamil actress Anushka and Sonakshi Sinha have been used well and good that Anushka's character is travelling with the story line and the character of Sonakshi Sinha has shown how a good wife should be standing behind a good generous man. All songs are good and giving pleasure for the eyes of the audience especially the mona song has got height of VFX.

Over all, Linga is a big treat for all the Rajni fans and it is a good entertaining movie for the Tamil cinema audiences.

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