Tamil movie Kaaviyathalaivan - Casts and Crew, Story and complete review

In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we will look about the Tamil movie Kaaviyathalaivan with the sub titles of Casts and Crew of Tamil movie Kaaviya thalalaivan, Story of Kaavia thalaivan and complete review of Tamil movie Kaviya thalaivan.

Tamil movie Kaaviyathalaivan - Casts and Crew:
Sidharth and Vedhika for Kaaviya Thalaivan

Main male actor ( Hero ) - Tamil actor Sidharth

Main male negative role - Tamil actor Prithvi Raj

Main female actresses ( Heroins ) - Tamil actress Vedhika and Anaika Sodhi

Other actors - Singam Puli, Thambi Ramaiah, Nasser, Kuyili etc.,

Cinematography - Nirav Shah

Art - Santhanam

Editing - Praveen

PRO - Nikhil

Story and dialogues - Jaya Mohan

Direction - G. Vasantha Balan

Producer - Varun Manian

Story of Tamil movie Kaaviyathalaivan:

Both Tamil actors Siddharth and Prithvi Raj are working in a drama group under the leader, Nasser. The whole story is about the envy of Prithvi Raj on Siddharth in between with a strong triangle love story between Prithvi Raj, Sidharth and Vedhika. The whole story is moving around this thin line through out the running time of Tamil movie Kaaviyathalaivan. We shall move to the story narration. The movie starts with the introduction of the characters, that Sidharth and Prithvi Raj are drama actors under the leadership of Nasser. Prithviraj is the who who gives life to Sidharth making him from beggar to a worker in the drama company.

By the passing days, Sidharth starts getting some minor roles on the drama stage to act in. On the other hand, Prithvi Raj has been growing up his talents and making himself more competent. In the same drama company there is a leading senior actor ( Pon Vannan ) has been working for the company as an actor for many years who is the one been doing the hero roles in all the dramas. By seeing Pon Vannan, all the other actors of the company have been desiring to become the position of Pon Vannan.

At one stage, due to the ego of seniority, Pon Vannan skips the rehearsal of the drama and that activity of Pon Vannan is hated by Nasser who is the leader of the drama team. Then it becomes clash between Pon Vanan and Nasser and the situation gets Pon Vannan out of the drama company. After he leaves, Nasser foresees the performances of both Sidharth and Prithviraj as the hero of a drama. This scene can be called as the gift availed to both Sidharth and Prithviraj as actors that they have got the best platform in the Tamil cinema to act that we could count such scenes in Tamil cinemas came in the last few years.
Tamil movie Kaaviya Thalaivan

After seeing the performances of Sidharth and Prithvi Raj, Nasser goes with Sidharth and decides to give the hero role of the drama to Sidharth and Sidharth plays the hero role on stage. By seeing these, Prithvi Raj gets vexed and angry on Nasser for not selecting him as the hero and goes with Sidharth. Even though Prithviraj tells this matter directly to Nasser, Nasser does not care about the words of Prithvi Raj and replies that Sidharth deserves the hero role. This kind of envy becomes as a fire in Prithvi Raj and he has been waiting for a chance to get Sidharth's image down from the heart of Nasser. On the other hand the love story between Sidharth and Anaika gets grown up that Anaika meets Sidharth when seeing the acting of Sidharth in a drama. As Anaika has acted as a princess in this movie, Sidharth looks Anaika with respect in the beginning. But later on they become friends and then that friendship moves to Love.

At one stage, PRithvi Raj comes to know that Sidharth goes to the palace of Anaika often and Prithviraj looks the love making of Sidharth with Anaika by person and Prithviraj directly comes to Nasser and explains what he saw and the love between Sidharth and Anaika. After hearing the affair of Sidharth with Anaika, Nasser gets peak level angry that this issue can give huge problem for his drama company because Anaika is the princess of that area. Then Nasser terminates Sidharth from his Drama company and asks him to get out of the company. But Sidharth begs to Nasser and gets him back in the Drama company not as as actor but just as a servant of that company. Then the whole drama company moves out from that town. In the new town, Sidharth continues his work in the drama company as a servant and not as an actor like before. Then Sidharth comes to know that Anaika has commited suicide and death with the child of sidharth in her stomach.

Hearing this, Sidharth gets abnormal and scolds Nasser with bad words in front of all the actors of the drama company. Hearing this, Nasser dies. But before dying, Nasser blesses Sidharth and dies. After the death of Nasser, drama company goes into the hands of Prithviraj and Prithviraj asks Sidharth to get out of the drama company. After this what happened to Sidharth after going out of the drama company, what and all Prithviraj did, as the owner of the drama company? What happened to the triangle love in between Pithviraj to Vedhika and Vedhika to Sidharth ? is the remaining story of Tamil movie Kaaviya Thalaivan. In between some Patriotic scenes have been added in this story line.

Tamil movie Kaaviya Thalaivan - Review:

The highlight of the movie Kaaviya Thalaivan is the performance of the artists, especially Sidharth, PRithviraj, Vedhika and Nasser and all of them have utilized this grand opportunity to act in. In the scene of rehearsal to do the hero role in a drama after Pon vannan leaves the company, both Prithviraj and Sidharth's acting has attracted the audience when watching the movie.  Nasser has done his part fit to the role as usual with his silent body language and perfect dialogue delivery in his strong voice.

Tamil actress Vedhika has proven her acting talent once again in this movie after her Paradesi movie. In the scene when she wears grand drama dress for the first time and talking a lengthy dialogue by holding a sword in hand, she has shown that she will be standing in the Tamil cinema industry for years like Tamil actress Trisha Krishnan. Tamil actress Anaika Sodhi has short space to cover in the screen when comparing with the role of Vedhika. Anaika has done some glamorous scenes in this movie like in the video song of, Hey Mr. Minor etc.,

Music is one of the biggest plus points of this movie that all the songs of this movie under the music of A R Rahman have come good especially the video songs like, Vaanga makka, Hey Mr Minor and Yaarumilla Thani arangil have stick with the tongue of Tamil cinema audiences.

Over all, Tamil movie Kaaviya Thalaivan is one of the rare very fine periodic movies coming in Tamil cinema in the recent decade. Please go to theater and watch this movie to enjoy the pleasure and come out with the satisfaction of worth paid.

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