11 December 2014

Tamil actor Super Star Rajni Kanth Talks about Tamil movie Lingaa

In this page of Tamil cinema bio we shall have a glance about one of the latest speeches of Super Star Rajnikanth in which he has talked about his movie Lingaa, the twitter critics on his cinema life from fans, about director Raja Mouli, his experience of having duets with young heroins at his age more than 60 years and some other interesting things. Lets have a brief look at that Speech of Tamil actor Rajinikanth.

There was a grand function conducted in Andhra Pradesh for the success of Linga audio songs in Andhra Pradesh and in this function, Rajnikanth has talked with openly about many things. In the Tamil movie Lingaa, Tamil actor Rajnikanth has acted with Tamil actresses Sonakshi Sinha and Anushka Shetty under the direction of K S Ravi Kumar with the music of Tamil cinema music director A R Rahman. In the success function of Linga audio songs in Telugu, director K S Ravi Kumar, Cinematographer Rathna Velu, Story writer Pon Kumaran, Tamil actresses Anushka Shetty, Sonakshi Sinha and most of the contributors of the Tamil movie Linga participated. In this function, Tamil actor Super Star Rajnikanth spoke as follows:

Tamil actor Rajnikanth shared his deep condolence to all the Vishaka patnam people who died in the storm and he said that he could not come for the functions arranged for gathering funds for those people who died in the storm due to an important function in my family, so Rajnikanth asked all of the Andhra people to forgive him and he added that he will send his donation for the people who affected in this storm. Then Rajnikanth added that Tamil movie Lingaa is the movie he acted after 4 years of time after Tamil movie Endhiran skipping the movie he acted in between namely Kochadaiyan which was an animation movie.

Also Tamil actor Rajnikanth said that it is not an easy job to complete a very big movie like Lingaa in a small span of time that the movie has been finished in 6 months and he added that he is not calling Lingaa as a big movie because of the participation of big stars but also the story of Tamil movie Lingaa is a big one and the back ground of the movie Lingaa is big. Also Rajnikanth revealed that the story line of Lingaa is happening at the time of 1940's which is before the independence of India. So the basic story of Lingaa is a periodic movie. Also Rajnikanth said that the whole movie is about building a dam and the movie contains train fights, elephants and horse and a big budget movie. If we consider that the movie Lingaa contains 60 number of scenes, out of that 40 number of scenes has the acting of 1000 number of people. The reason for this successful finish of this movie is the director K S Ravi Kumar and his group.

Then Rajnikanth added that, in the movie Lingaa, there are 3 number of wonders; one is the combination of A R Rahman, Sonakshi Sinha, Rathna Velu, Sabu siril and Anushka Shetty who are all very busy and you will feel this wonder when watching this movie. The second wonder in the movie Lingaa is its story that the story is a wonderful one. There are someone put the police case that the story of Lingaa is their own story and Rajni said that he knew from Twitter and Rajni has said that he read as if that commonly there will not be any story in Rajnikanth movies. They are telling that the story of Lingaa is of four other guys but the story of Lingaa is from Pon Kumaran who is the story writer of Lingaa. Rajnikanth has said that the story of Lingaa is very close to the heart of Rajnikanth and he expressed that he is feeling blessed in acting in this movie.

The third wonder Rajnikanth said about the movie is how Rajnikanth himself has acted in this movie and he added that he is not talking about the tough scenes like the train fights or the climax fight video scene of Tamil movie Lingaa. Rajni is talking about the duet songs he has acted in the movie Lingaa with the Tamil actresses Anushka Shetty and Sonakshi Sinha. Rajnikanth has added few lines about Sonakshi Sinha that he has seen her when she was a child and in those days, Sonakshi Sinha used to play with the daughters of Tamil actor Rajnikanth namely Aishwarya Dhanush and Soundarya Aswin. Rajni has also added with these points that he himself got sweating a lot when he heard that he has to act in the duet songs with these young Tamil actresses and he has felt more tension than when he did his debut movie, Aboorva Raagangal. Rajinikanth also said that, if God wants to punish any actor, then he can choose giving duet songs at the age of his 60 years .

Then Rajinikanth starts talking generally about the things like, in hollywood, if there is a movie getting planned, they will get more time before starting the shooting works and they used to finish the shooting with shoot period of time and the same thing has been going on here in India also that the movies like Baahubali are big movies having the capacity of taking second and third parts eventually and Rajni conveyed his greetings to the director of the movie Baahubali, Mr. S S Raja Mouli. He added that the movie Baagubali is a proud for all the Telugu people. Rajni said openly that if he gets a chance to act in a movie of Baagubali, he will definitely act.

Finally Rajni closed his speech with few words about Lingaa that the Tamil movie Lingaa will be liked by all the people. Rajni also said that, the Telugu cinema audiences are supporting me just how the Tamil cinema audiences are giving the supports and he expects the same support for the movie Lingaa also. 

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