Tamil movie Komban Overview

In this page of Tamil Cinema we shall look about the Upcoming Tamil movie Komban in which Tamil actor Karthi and actress Lakshmi Menon have acted under the direction of Muthaiah under the music of Tamil music director G V Prakash Kumar. We shall see about the Cast and Crew of Komban and other interesting facts about the movie. 

Tamil actor Karthi and Lakshmi Menon for Komban

Casts and Crew of Tamil movie Komban:

After the success of Tamil movie Madras, Karthi has been acting in the movie Komban with the combination with the director Muthaiah. 

Main Male actor ( Hero ) - Tamil actor Karthi

Main Female Actress ( Heroin ) - Tamil actress Lakshmi Menon

Main supporting male actor - Tamil actor Raj Kiran

Main female supporting actress - Kovai Sarala

Other actors - Karunas; Thambi Ramaiah and others.

Music director - G V Prakash Kumar

Director - Muthaiah

Cinematography - Velraj

Editing - Praveen

Production company - Studio Green

Some interesting facts about Tamil movie Komban:

The director of Komban has directed the movie Kutti Puli by keeping Tamil actor Sasi Kumar as the hero and Lakshmi Menon as heroin. As the name defines, the movie Komban would be a complete village pack movie - the director says. 

This is the second movie of Karthi acts as a complete village man in a movie and earlier Karthi acted as a village man in the Tamil movie Paruthi Veeran under the direction of Ameer and that was a block buster movie. 

The core story of Komban is said to be that Karthi is a man who was brought up only by his mother and Lakshmi Menon is the lady who brought up by her father only ( without mother ). 

This movie contains the comedy scenes of kidding Raj Kiran who is the father of Lakshmi Menon and the uncle of Karthi. 

So these comedy scenes would be admired by all the men and the ladies will also admire with some anger. Some scenes of this movie has been made as if Raj Kiran appears in the scene when Karthi is talking with Lakshmi Menon by kidding Raj Kiran. 

The story is about the coat seller Kombiah Pandian who is taking care of his native place as equal to his mother and he is the one making decision in the village issues. So tamil actor Karthi character is so important man in the village. 

When Karthi talked about the movie Komban, he said that when we see Tamil nadu from Chennai, the whole southern Tamilnadu would be like Madurai's shadow and resemblance. But at this movie, the Rama Natha Puram side has been screened finely with its soil odor clearly.

This movie has covered the family related things including the brother's fights also. Then the relation between the uncle and his son in law; the affection between the relation between aunty and daughter in law and many other affectionate bonds between the relationships going on in the village people and their family. Then at the same time there is a valuable respects between those relations are also existing in the villages still now. These interesting thing are presenting in the movie Komban. 
Tamil actor Karthi

Also Tamil actor Karthi added that he was scaring that Raj Kiran is a very rude guy after watching the Tamil movies like En Raasa vin Manasule. But in the shooting spot of Komban Raj Kiran himself has come to Karthi and said that the village get ups and characters are suiting well and good for Karthi. So Karthi has felt extreme happy that the good words have come out from such a man who has come across probably all the modes of Tamil cinema like Actor, producer director etc.,

The character name of Tamil actress Lakshmi Menon in the movie Komban is Palani and she has done her role perfectly that if the director tells only a look is enough at a particular scene of the movie, then she does the exact look perfectly. Also Karthi has added that if the role of Palani is done by any other Tamil actresses then it may remind the audience that they are watching a cinema. 

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