Reason why Tamil movie I is releasing as one of the Pongal 2015 Tamil movies

Tamil movie I release date
The official announcement about the release date of Tamil movie I has been done and the movie will be one of the Pongal 2015 Tamil movie releases for sure officially. In the beginning, the Tamil movie I was about to get released as one of the Diwali 2014 Tamil movie releases; later on it was expected that the movie I will be released in the month of December 2014. So here I have got some pin points about the reasons why the release of Tamil movie I has got postponed upto January 14 ( Pongal 2015 ). They are;

1. The production company of Tamil movie I ( Aascar production ) has decided to release the movie I in a large number of theaters as the movie contents huge budget in the production works. But as the Tamil movie Lingaa in which Tamil actor Super Star Rajnikanth has acted, has been decided to get released on the birth date of Rajnikanth; that is December 12th 2015, it is not possible for Tamil movie I to get huge number of theaters to get released.

2. The audio launch of Tamil movie I was conducted in the month of September 2014. Only after that, the final stage works like Back ground music, dubbing works are being conducted for the movie. So the preparation of Back ground music and dubbing works are the additional reasons for the Tamil movie I to get released as one of the Pongal 2015 Tamil movie releases.

3. In the movie I, one of the roles of Tamil actor Vikram in Tamil movie I, is coming with the hunch back appearance. Tamil actor Vikram has been taking tough efforts for the dubbing works of this role. Additionally Vikram has to give his effort by catching his throat for the same role in the otehr languages, Telugu and Hindi other than Tamil. So this is also one of the efficient reasons for getting I more sharp before release.

4. As this is a big budget movie, the production team has also been facing some financial issues. We shall also remember that the Tamil cinema director Shankar who is the director of Tamil movie I has also mentioned that the movie I should have been released a while ago in one of Shankar Interviews.

5. The producer of the Tamil movie I, Mr, Aascar Ravichandran has also planned to release the audio in the other languages, Telugu and Hindi in the biggest way just how he made in the Tamil movie I audio launch in Chennai. The producer Aascar Ravichandran has planned to invite Chaakie Chan for the movie I Audio launch in Telugu and to invite Silverstone Stolin for the audio launch in Hindi just how big the audio launch in chennai was conducted with the presence of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Tamil movei I audio launch. So this is one of the reasons for the release of Tamil movie I as one of the Pongal 2015 released Tamil movies.

6. There are conversations going on about the multinational rights with a hollywood production company. So if a hollywood company accepts to buy the Tamil movie I, then this movie will be the first ever Tamil movie to get teh multinational rights. The conversations regarding this have been going on at the final stage.

So these are the reasons why Tamil movie I is coming as one of the Pongal 2015 Tamil movie releases.

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