Tamil movie Kaththi - Casts and Crew; Story and Complete Review

In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we shall have a look about the Tamil movie Kaththi in which Tamil actor Vijay and Tamil actress Samantha have acted under the direction of A R Muruga Dass with music of Anirudh. This movie has got released after many controversies regarding the production banner of the movie namely Lyca Productions.

Tamil movie Kaththi - Casts and Crew:

Hero - Tamil actor Vijay ( Dual role with the names, Kathiresan and Jeevanandham )

Heroin - Tamil actress Samantha ( Character name Ankitha )

Tamil movie Kaththi, complete story and review
Villain - Tamil actor Neel Nitin Mukesh

Supporting actor - Tamil actor Sathish

Other actors - Shayaji Shinde, Subbu Panju Arunachalam, Veera Santhanam etc.,

Cinematography - George C Williams

Editing  - Sreekar Prasad

Production - Ayngaran International and Lyca Productions

Budget ~ 100  Crores 

Story of Tamil movie Kaththi:

The character name of Tamil actor Vijay in the movie Kaththi is Kathiresan and he is getting escape from the Kolkata Jail and then Vijay tries to get his escape to the Bangkok country with the help of his friend Tamil actor Sathish who is the friend of Vijay. At the time when Vijay comes to the airport, he looks the heroin, Tamil actress Samantha and he fells in love with Samantha at his first site and then Vijay goes talking with her and gets her mobile number too and so, Vijay postpones his plan to get his escape to Bangkok.

But when Vijay calls the mobile number of Tamil actress Samantha, he gets disappointed that the call goes to someone else. On the other hand, the police comes to know after serious investigation that Vijay who has escaped from Kolkata jail is in Chennai only and the Kolkata police comes to Chennai. At this situation, the police shoots a man and he gets injured by the bullet and Vijay goes see the injured man and Vijay gets shock by seeing that the injured man is just look at him. Then Vijay ( Kathiresan ) takes the man to hospital immediately and starts the treatments immediately.

At this time the Kolkata police comes to the hospital in search of Vijay ( Kathiresan ). Then Kathiresan uses the situation that he makes the other Vijay who is looking just him as if resembling with him by exchanging all the wearing accessories like watches and other things and getting his way to escape from the hospital. After some conflicts, the district collector calls the injured Vijay with the name of Jeevanandham and thats how Kathiresan comes to know that the injured Jeevanandhan is not the one who was being searched by them.

Then the district collector is taking Kathiresan ( Tamil actor Vijay ) to an Old Age Home and there Kathiresan ( Tamil actor Vijay ) is getting good hospitality by the people by thinking that the man is Jeevanandham ( Other role of Tamil actor Vijay ). Then the district collector gives to Kathiresan the DD worth of 25 lakhs of Indian Rupees. Kathiresan plans to get his way to escape to Bangkok with the money given by the collector to him. At that time one of the old men of that Old Age Home tears the DD in front of the collector. But Kathiresan gets no idea on why the Old man tear the DD. Then the collector informs Kathiresan ( Tamil actor Vijay ) that he will give another DD by next week. So Kathiresan gets the situation of compulsory staying in the Old Age Home with no other option for a week.

At this stage some of the rowdies of Tamil actor Neel Nithin Mukesh is taking Kathiresan to a place and threatening him to getting back the police case on Neel Nithin Mukesh also they are demanding him to get the case back for money and also they thretern Kathiresan that is he does not get the money and get the case back then they will kill one of the old man from that Old Age home. Seeing all of these, Kathiresan agrees to get back the case as money comes to him and he adds to the rowdies not to kill the old man and Kathiresan gets 5 Crores of Indian Money.

At the time when Kathiresan plans to get to Bangkok with the money given by those rowdies of the business man Neel Nithin Mukesh, Kathiresan ( Tamil actor Vijay ) gets a phone call from the old age home and telling that Jeevanandham ( the other role of Tamil actor Vijay ) has been announced with an award and money. As there is money playing the role Kathiresan goes back with the desiring of receiving money again. There Kathiresan watches and video showing who is Jeevanandham. There Kathiresan knows who is Jeevanandham and Jeevanandham is the man who did so many protests for the goodwill of the formers of Tirunelveli district; also so many former people have left their soul for saving their agricultural land.

Did  Kathiresan gets change in his mind Soon after knowing completely about Jeevanandham and hates money and doing the protest on saving the agricultural land or not? What happened to the love story between Tamil actor Vijay and actress Samantha? What happened to Jeevanandham character of Tamil actor Vijay in Kaththi? is the remaining story of Tamil movie Kaththi.

Tamil movie Kaththi Review:

Even though the movie is one of the usual high speed A R Muruga Doss movie, Kaththi has a strong story to be followed and the massive scenes with Vijay are giving additional support for the screenplay of the movie. There are some logic missing in this movie like, how exactly Kaththi, but the high speed of the moving of the scenes making us unable to think about the logic missing. On the other hand, Tamil actor Illayathalapathy vijay has proven that he has been the hero of directors and the story of the movie. In this movie there is a scene coming with the nude shot of Vijay and then he is getting beaten by a police man and being talked worse about his family. In his normal earlier movies, Vijay was acting as a mass action hero in many of his.

As usual, Tamil actor Vijay has done his level best in his acting work in this movie also that he comes with high enthusiasm and comic senses with his Kathiresan character of this movie. On the other hand, Tamil actor Vijay has shown the difference between Kathiresan and Jeevanandham with his fine body language and showing variation by living as a former in the character of Jeevanandham by showing up that Jeevanandham is a bachelor with the high interest of saving his soil, responsible graduate and getting a stressed place in the heart of the audience and as usual Vijay has done stunning dance movement in this movie also especially in the song, Selfie pulla give me a umma umma song which was sung by Vijay himself.

Tamil actor Vijay and Tamil actress Samantha for
Tamil movie Kaththi
As the movie holds a strong part for the hero that also with the dual roles of hero, Tamil actress Samantha has only less part to contribute. But still, Tamil actress Samantha has made the audience happy with her short appearance of the movie and she has done well with all the songs. Even though Tamil actor Sathish does not have a great role to play with his comedy sense in this movie, he is with the whole length of the movie as a character artist and Sathish has done his work perfectly with his task.

The villain character in Tamil movie Kaththi done by Tamil actor Neel Nitin is fitting perfectly with the movie that he has the apt appearance of a business man and looks handsome. All the audio songs of this movie has got super hit already under the music of Tamil cinema music director Aniruth Ravichander and he has done his good contribution with the back ground music is well. The cinematography done by George C Williams has given fabulous color for the movie.

At the end of the movie, Kaththi, there is a very strong message for all the corporate companies of the current moment of our country. The importance of agriculture to the nation has been well shown up in this movie by Tamil cinema director A R Muruga Doss.

Over all, Tamil movie Kaththi is very sharp. 

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