Tamil movie Aambala - Overview

Tamil movie Aambala has been getting shape with the direction of Tamil cinema director Sundar C and with the acting of Tamil actor Vishal as the main male role ( Hero ) of the movie.

Casts and Crew of Tamil movie Aambala:

Tamil actor Vishal, Sathish with actresses Hansika and
 Kiran Rathod for Tamil movie Aambala

Main male role ( Hero ) - Tamil actor Vishal

Main Female actor ( Heroin ) - Tamil actress Hansika Motwani

The other actors and actresses acted in the Tamil movie Aambala are, Tamil actor Vaibhav, actor Sathish, Tamil actresses Ramya Krishanan, Kiran Rathod, Aishwarya and Thulasi.

Music - Tamil cinema music director Hip hop Tamilan Aadhi

Producer of Tamil movie Aambala - Tamil actress Kushboo Sundar and Tamil actor Vishal

Cinematography - Richard M Nathan

Dialogues - Venkat Raghavan

Tamil movie Aambala - Overview:

The expected release date of Tamil movie Aambla; Pongal 2015 ie) January 14th 2015. One of the producers of Tamil movie Aambala is Tamil actor Vishal with his production banner, VFF ( Vishal Film Factory ). Announcing the release date at the time of when the movie works are starting is the production style of Tamil actor Vishal. As Vishal has mentioned that this movie will be released as one of the Pongal release Tamil movies of 2015, we can strongly expect this movie will be one of the Pongal release movies. All the previous movies from Vihsal Film Factory production have got released at the exactly predicted date of Tamil actor Vishal.

In the beginning of the shooting works of Tamil movie Aambala, Tamil music director Yuvan Shankar Raja was announced as the music director of this movie. Later on the Hip Hop Tamizhan Aadhi name was announced as the music director of Tamil movie Aambala as Yuvan Shankar Raja is very busy with his other movies and it is not so possible from him as Aambala has to be released for the Pongal 2015. Earlier Hip Hop Tamilan has done the music for Tamil movie under the production of C V Kumar. But as the release date of Aambala is so early than that C V Kumar movie, Aambala is expected to be the first movie for Hip Hop Tamilan Aadhi.At present, the movie Aambala shooting has been going on at Ooty and the whole crew of the movie Aambala including Vishal and Hansika have camped at Ooty for the shooting.

Now the news about the movie Aambala is that the Hip Hop Songs singer namely Hip Hop Tamilan Aadhi has been brought into the casts and crew of Tamil movie Aambala replacing the position of Tamil cinema music director Yuvan Shankar Raja.

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