Tamil comedian Santhanam money purse missing !!

At the marriage function of Mr. Rama doss who is one of the political leaders of Tamilnadu, the Tamil cinema comedian Santhanam has missed his money purse. Even though Mr. Rama dass is making many controversies regarding Tamil cinema there were significant number of Tamil cinema celebrities attended the marriage function of the home marriage of Ramadoss and made the function a special one.
Tamil actor Santhanam

The marriage of the grand son of Ramadass was conducted at Mahabali puram at 29th October 2014 evening time. For the reception of this marriage, the Tamil cinema celebrities like directors P Vasu, Vikraman, actor comedian Santhaanam etc., At the time when Santhaanam entered the reception function, there was a huge applause for him in the reception hall. But they have missed Santhanam for introducing him to the bride and bride groom.

Then Santhanam has talked with Mr. Anbu Mani and Mr. Rama Dass only and got down from the stage. Then there was a mob gathered around Santhanam and in that time, the money purse of Santhanam has been stolen by the crowd. After that event, Santhanam has announced to the crowd that who ever took my purse, please keep the money in that but please give me back the purse because it has many cards of me which are so important by mic used by the gang of archesta. Even after the announcement, the purse of Santhanam was not give back it seems. 

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