Tamil Cinema actresses - An Overview:

Every Tamil cinema is getting its shape with the work of hundreds of workers including the Tamil Cinema directors, assistant directors, music director and his crew, production team, visual effects team, stunt master and is crew, cinematographer and his crew, lighting supervisor and his crew, then the workers engaged with the all other works like, travel, food, accommodations and last but not the least; the acting artists. From the time since the cinema was discovered, at the initial stage with the name of drama, these acting profession has been given the very first priority when the audience expressing their review / response about the drama / movie. Because the very first thing getting into the eyes of the audience is the artist who is acting the roles. Even though the art department's work is also getting into the eyes of the audience, he ( the audience ) is looking at those fine sets only as the supporting things for the artist to perform the role.

Latest Tamil Cinema Actresses profiles

In this so important part ( acting artists ) part of the cinema, we got so many artists coming around the script of the movie / drama. But mainly the cinema will have a main male role ( Hero ) and a main female role ( Heroin ). Even thought there are few Tamil movies came without having a heroin in it, 99.9% of Tamil movies are having heroins. So, in this article of Tamil cinema, we are going to see such important Tamil actresses / Tamil cinema heroins only. I got the idea of writing this article after seeing the Tamil movie Endrendrum Punnagai and Raja Rani. One of the rare things happened in those movies that the heroins of those movies are elder than the heros of the movie in real life; that Tamil actor Jeeva has one year of age lesser than the age of Tamil actress Trisha Krishnan who did the heroin role in that movie and Tamil actor Jai ( date of birth April 1985 ) has 6 months lesser age than Tamil actress Nayantara ( Date of birth November 1984 ) acted as on screen pair for the Tamil movie Raja Rani under the direction of Atlee.

From the ancient time of Tamil cinema it has been more common that the heroes with high age acting by having the heroin with very small age in a casual manner ( ex : Tamil actor Sivaji Ganeshan with Manjula and MGR with Tamil actress Jayalalitha etc ). But an actress with high age acting with the less aged hero could be called a rare one in Tamil cinema. When we look at the history of Tamil cinema heroins, there are only very few actresses who sustained in the Tamil cinema industry for a period of time ( more than a decade ) like Tamil actress Padmini, Saroja Devi, K R Vijaya, Jayalalitha etc., At the time of 1960's the appearance of the actresses played a significant role in the selection process of heroins for Tamil cinemas that the heroins must have beautiful face, structure with very young appearance.
Tamil actress Manjula 

So, at a later stage with the interference of the hindi movies in Tamilnadu, the Tamil cinema makers realized that the taste of the audience in the case of heroin has changed and in those days the heroins were changed often and so the situation made the number of years for an actress in Tamil cinema shorter. Still there were few actresses sustained like Tamil actress Kanchana, Vani sri Anjali Devi etc., Then the remarkable chance on this search of new faces often in Tamil cinema was changes by the Tamil actress Sri Devi that she made Tamil cinema unable to make cinemas without her appearance in the cinemas as heroin. The reason behind this is her pretty face and well maintained structure for her roles with her excellent acting talent.

After Sri Devi, Tamil actresses Radha; Ambika; Radhika, Kushboo; Simran and others made a significant stand in the industry with her stunning look and acting talent. But still, if we compare Tamil actresses Radha and Sri Devi, Sri Devi remaining at the top position and Radha is on the second position only. This status of depending on particular number of heroins was sustaining up to the end of 1990's. Then at the beginning of the 21st century years, the introduction of the actresses, Trisha, Shriya, Nayantara, Tamanna and Illeana was made and then the introduction of Tamil actress Anushka Shetty also happened and this thing has written the formula of selecting the Tamil cinema heroins in a new way. Now we shall see what are the factors behind the sustaining of these heroins in the Tamil cinema field more than 10 years are as follows;

Effects of Globalization on Tamil actresses to keep their market up:

Tamil actress Aishwarya phot taken
when she got Miss world Crown 1994
One of the main factors on our Tamil actresses to keep their stands up is the globalization as one of the major changes happened in India because of the globalization in this past ten years. Only at this period of Globalization, the miss world competitions were conducted in many countries including India and another significant thing to be mentioned here is that Tamil actress Aishwarya Rai was selected and Crowned as the Miss world from India in this period. Followed by the huge fame of Aishwarya  Rai and Priyanka Chopra, a lot of Indian girls started thinking wide with the fashion factors in mind.

As one of the needed things to be active in the fashion market, the ladies had to maintain their beauty long lasting. At the same time, the fashion related sector and the sectors depending on the fashion technology got developed enormously. Hence the number of young ladies who wanted to get themselves looking pretty started growing too. The signs of the development of Fashion technology in India are the freshness of Aishwarya Rai even in her 39th age on screen and the appearance of Tamil actress Trisha on screen as a new comer heroin even at her age crossing 30. This is how the globalization made the Tamil actresses to act still in the heroin roles even after crossing 30 years of age as the Tamil heroins with above 30 years of age were going to acting in the sister, aunty roles after their 30th years of age.

Effects of change in approaching on Tamil actress to maintain their beauty:

Tamil actress Asin Thottumkal
Wall paper galleries
Before 30 or 40 years, if a woman is coming to act in movies, people could understand that there is some economical problem with the family of that Tamil actress and thats the reason for her to come over to Kodambakkam of Chennai to act in Tamil cinema. But nowadays the situation has changed, most probably the beautiful ladies either from middle class / rich family / the one who can run her parent's business or the daughter of another Tamil cinema celebrity are only coming to act in Tamil cinema. For an example, Tamil actress Asin Thottumkal who was introduced in the beginning of 21st century is a daughter of a business man from the Kerala part of India. Tamil actress Vara Lakshmi Sarath kumar is none other than the daughter of Tamil actor Sarath Kumar who has been in the Tamil cinema industry more than 20 years.

Main factor behind the success of Tamil cinema actresses:

But if we look closely, beauty looks are not the only reasons for the fame and consistency of Tamil actresses who have been dong long term with the Industry. Because nowadays, every year, there are at least ten number of beautiful female models getting the actress avatar but we can not tell surely that all the beautiful Tamil actresses went for a big successful rounds in the industry. On the other hand, we can not mention as the talent of the actresses is the only reason for this remarkable change in the industry. Because in most of the Tamil cinemas our Tamil actresses are not getting the chances to get used as set property their acting skills all the times.

Leading Tamil actress Nayantara
But still, we could find that the attractive look and perfect reason only have been behind the successful travel of the Tamil actresses like Trisha and Nayantara. Both Trisha and Nayantara have acted in the roles as a pretty set property on screen when ever the script of the movie demanded and also by this way they have removed the need of another actress for an item song too. To tell more exactly, the Tamil actresses Trisha, Nayantara, Shriya sharan and Anushka have shown their acting talent in their Tamil movies, Vinnai Thaandi varuvaaya, Yaaradi Nee Mohini, Azhagiya Thamil Magan and Thandavam respectively, all the above four Tamil actresses have agreed to be used a pretty set property without hesitations in the Tamil movies, Kuruvi, Billa, Mazhai and Rendu.

But when we compare these leading Tamil cinema actresses with the ancient Tamil actresses like Padmini and others, the latest Tamil cinema heroins have to travel a long with their acting career. Another reason for this situation is that the scripts coming nowadays are without maximum scope for the heroins like the one actresses Padmini and Saroja Devi had. We could remember Tamil cinema director K Balachander this time that in his movies, he gave heavy importance in his movies like Aval Oru Thodar Kadhai. Nowadays there are very few Tamil movies coming by giving high importance to the heroins and those characters are also getting shared with the commercial inks like involving the same actress in item songs and making the role to depend on the hero character at the end of the movie.

So the conclusion could be, the sustainability of Tamil heroins can be developed only by the scripts coming in future with the heavy importance to the heroin roles. 

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