Tamil actor Vikram Interview about his role in Tamil movie I

Tamil actor Vikram who got noticed by the whole Tamil cinema audience by his acting performance in the movie, Sethu has spoken to the media recently and shared about his experience in Tamil movie I. The trend of Tamil cinema today is the Tamil movie I, directed by Tamil cinema director Shankar with the acting performance of Tamil actor Vikram and actress Amy Jackson with the music of A R Rahman. Even though there are many Tamil cinema director Shankar interviews been made about this movie already, for the very first time, Tamil actor Vikram has spoken out about the movie I for an English channel.
Tamil actor Vikram with beast get up for Tamil movie I

Tamil actor Vikram interview about Tamil movie I:

Tamil cinema director Shankar taken the Prosthetic make up and the Computer graphics into the next level. I ( Tamil actor Vikram ) had to be with hiddedn head for about 3 years of time. I ( Tamil actor Vikram ) have not even given a pose for photographs for the past 3 years. Also we can not figure that who is taking photographs from their mobile phones at the shooting spot. I myself made the visual inspection on this at the shooting spot of Tamil movie I. If anyone is taking a picture of me in these three years, I ( Tamil actor Vikram ) used to call my assistant and instruct him silently and he will go and delete the photographs taken by the hidden camera at the shooting spot and come.

Question to Tamil actor Vikram:

Which make up / get up of you do you like in Tamil movie I?

Answer from Tamil actor Vikram:

I ( Tamil actor Vikram ) felt a bit easy when getting the get up like an animal ( beast ) but the get up / make up of the man with de structured body was quite tough for me. I got attracted by the way of work of those foreign artists on my make up. They were with us ( Tamil movie I Crew ) for each and every shot of the movie even when I told them no need to be with me for all shots, they refused me and be with me ( Tamil actor Vikram ). I don't know how they are doing in the Bollywood because in the both of the movies I acted in Bollywood, I had south Indian artists with me.

Question to Tamil actor Vikram:

Tell us something about the view of Tamil actor Vikram on Tamil cinema.

Answer from Tamil actor Vikram:

I would like to sleep for a long time and come to the shooting spot a bit late. But those kind of delaying activities are banned in our Tamil cinema. I have been desiring to become a Tamil actor since my childhood. I have cried by leaving tears to the Good to become an actor. But I became helpless and I could not do anything due to the accident happened in between. After the accident, I tried to become as a singer. Then I was with the high interest of becoming either a light man of an assistant for the camera man. But the doctors told I will not be able to walk normally hereafter. But I ( Tamil actor Vikram ) trusted myself and I believed I can walk again. Only that time I got the chance to act in Tamil movie Sethu under the direction of Bala.

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