Tamil actor Johny - Short Interview - Sharing few words about his role in Tamil movie Madras

Hari Named as Johnny (sub artist) in the Tamil movie madras which was released on 26 September 2014. In the film madras director has narrated the life of an ordinary North Chennai youngster. Many sub artist characters also plays important role in this film. The character name of Tamil actor Karthi is Kaali, Character name of Tamil actress Catherine Tresa Alexander is Kalaiarasi, character name of Kalaiarasan Harikrishnan is Anbu, charater name of Vinoth is Maari, character name of Nanthakumar is Kannan, character of Tamil actress Rama is Kaali's mother, character name of Rithika as Mary, imman Annachi and Jayabalan had expressed their talent completely.

Tamil actor Hari ( Johny of Tamil movie Madras ) photos

About Tamil movie Madras:

Directed by - Pa. Ranjith

Produced by - K. E. Gnanavel Raja, S. R. Prakashbabu & S. R. Prabhu

Music by - Santhosh Narayanan

Cinematography - G. Murali

Edited by - Praveen K. L.

Production company - Studio Green

Distributed by - Studio Green

What is the role of Tamil actor Hari ( Johny ) in Tamil movie Madras:

Heart touching character is johnny,with dry dirty hair, beard & with English news paper his character is molded in the film. Hari Krishnan as johnny a 25- year-old handsome young man.when he was learning at Arumbakkam DG vaisnavavila he used to go with drama group and perform in different stages. Many of his friends also worked in this flim.his friends prabaharan,gopi helped him a lot in mime acting. Hari is very good mime artist. His friends suggested to act in films. In film Attakkatti hari has acted in one shot, ranjit gave a chance. After his acting director gave many other roles in the Attakkatti flim. Hari has also acted in Tamil movie mariyan in which Tamil actor Dhanush did the main role and small roles were given to him by ranjit.

                      In madras film they called Tamil actor hari ( Johny in Madras ) to act as mental character, hopefully hari accepted this character. Since hari was born & grown up from Ayanavaram Railway quarters which is near by kilpakkam, he has seen many mental disabled peoples. Ranjith has made 2 years of work in detailing each character. Hari was living as the character johnny for past one and half years. After such difficulties, response from audience made him happy.

               The name of Tamil actor Hari’s father is anbudurai who is a welder & his mom vijayshankary is a home maker. The parents of Tamil actor Hari ( Johny in Tamil movie Madras ) know that their son is acting, but the dont about his character. his father used to scold him for long hair, after seeing his character in the film his father was very proud and appreciated him a lot. Father of Tamil actor Hari was crying after watching his character. Tamil actor Hari did not even informed about his role in Tamil movie Madras to his lover nisha. After the film madras Tamil actor Hari ( Johny in Tamil movie Madras ) married his lover nisha. Finally his family members were happy for such a good artist.

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