Director of Tamil movie Porambokku Podu udaimai - Jananathan- Interview

Tamil movie Porambokku director Jananathan is one of the best directors in Tamil cinema that his Tamil movie Iyarkai has got the Indian national award under the category of the Best featured film in the year 2003 which was his very first movie worked as a director and screen director. Then the Tamil movie Peraanmai under the direction of Jananathan was given high positive reviews and response by all the medias of Tamilnadu. The latest on going movie of Jananathan is Tamil movie Porambokku in which Tamil actors, Arya, Vijay Sethupathy and Shaam acting in the lead roles of the movie.role
Tamil movie Porambokku Podhuudaimai - Poster

Tamil cinema director Jananathan Interview about his next movie Porambokku:

The interview of Taml Cinema director S P Jananathan starts with the story line of the movie Porambokku that, A prison ( Jail ) is not the place only for the offenders and the accused persons. Most of our society changes and the changes in the history have happened only through the Jails. The days when Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela were in Jail have decided the future of those countries. Now ( October month of 2014 ) Jananathan has been directing the climax sequence of the movie Porambokku Podhuudaima in which Tamil actors Arya and Vijay sethupathy are acting together; Shaam and Karthika Nair have acted in this movie.

Question to Tamil Cinema director S P Jananathan:

Tell us something about the story line of the movie Porambokku Podhuhvudaimai?

Answer from Tamil Cinema director S P Jananathan:

There is a high importance for Jail in this movie. Because Jail is a different world, there are libraries, working areas, and even burial ground is there. When I ( Tamil Cinema director S P Jananathan ) talked with a Jail department officer, he said that, all of you would have read in news paper that the total number of prisoners put in Noose as death penalty as 54, but at the time when I was working as a Jail warden itself we put 12 number of Noose death penalties. Like this, all over India, many Noose death penalties have been accomplished for several reasons like political reasons and the the actual number of Noose death penalties would be 2000.  The author of the book namely Thookkuku Thooku, Mr. Radha Krishnan has written in that book about 1447 number of Noose death penalties with proper evidences. I ( Tamil Cinema director S P Jananathan ) got shock when read that book.

Question to Tamil Cinema director S P Jananathan:

The name of the movie is Porambokku only. Isn't it? When did the word Podhuvudaimai joined with Porambokku?

Answer from Tamil Cinema director S P Jananathan:

We don't have anything as Porambokku ( Waste land ) here. Everything is like common land. But we the people have categarized the lands into agricultural land, Grazing land and Irrigation land and so on upto 15 number of types of waste lands. This is how, a Porambokku ( waste land ) is the common property ( Podhuvudaimai ) of a town / city. Thus the movie named Porambokku Podhuvudaimai.

Question to Tamil Cinema director S P Jananathan:

The title of the movie is different and heavy !!

Answer from Tamil Cinema director S P Jananathan:

Why are you exclaiming for the title itself? There is a big stories for each and every characters of this movie - interesting stories. The character name of Tamil actor Arya in the movie Porambokku Podhuvudaimai is Balu. The character of Tamil actor Arya in this movie is a police officer. The real Police officer Balu is from Madurai and he was working as a Police officer in Andhra state. When the problem of Telungana came, he showed gun against the Telungana people. After realizing that the justice is with the Telungana people, he dropped his police gun and joined with the people and did protest against the police. That police man Balu is the very first man who was did Noose death penalty by the British government in India.

Tamil movie Porambokku Podhuudaimai - Shooting spot
With Tamil actor Shaam and the director S P Jananathan

Remembering that police, Balu only, I have named the character of Tamil actor Arya in the movie Porambokku Podhuvudaimai as Balu. Then the character name of Tamil actress Karthika Nair is Kuyili. Kuyili is the lady who worked as the bishop for Velu Naachiyar. Kuyili wore bombs around her body and destroyed the Tanks of British war force. Kuyili is the very first Militant Suicide lady of the world. the character name of Tamil actor Vijay sevthupathy in the movie Porambokku Pdhiudaimai is Ema Lingam. You would have seen a lot of Lingams, but not this Ema Lingam. Ema Lingam is the character what does more pranks than the pranks you can expect. The name of character of Tamil actor Shaam in Tamil movie Porambokku Podhuvudaimai is Mekkale. British king Mekkale is the one who designed the Indian Educational system and the punishing system of India. He is teh one who had the mind set of converting all the Indians to support the british mind with the system of Black body and white brain. He was so strong in that system and implemented the system in India. The movie Porambokku Podhuudaimai is the story happens around all these characters and the situaitons of them.

Quesiton to Tamil Cinema director S P Jananathan:

How do you change the Tamil cinema heros who are with Hunting the villain, Jolly pranks in the other movies, into a totally different role / characters?

Answer from Tamil Cinema director S P Jananathan:

What? Villain? To tell the fact, there is a Famine going on in Tamil cinema for Villain. No body knows to give the villain role to whom. Before and all, the villain is the one who killed the father / raped the mother or the who destroyed the house was the villain and the hero will grow up and do tit for tat. But do we have such villains in our real life? NO. Nowadays we don't even know where is the villain is. We have the villain with us like a virus / bacteria. The educational system of India made by Mekkale is a villain. Have anyone of us did protest against that? So far there is no approval from the Indian Parliament for the Indian Punishing system designed by Mekkale. But if there is any correction to be made on that system for that resolution by gathering together. Like these. Nowadays our villains are these things, those are controlling our own life without our knowledge are the our villains. The heroes are protesting against these villains only.

Tamil movie Porambokku Podhu udaimai
Tamil actor Shaam arrests Arya - Mass scene

But the pranks being done by the heroes of my movie are unbearable; seems like I am the villain for them and this is one of the pranks Arya, vijay Sethupathy and Shaam did on me ( Tamil Cinema director S P Jananathan ) at the shooting spot of Tamil movie Porambokku Podhuudaimai. One day Tamil actor Arya asked me to get a photograph with him. I also went with him and at the time when the photo was clicked, all the three, Arya, Vijay Sethupathy and Shaam bent themselves by keeping both of their hands on their shoulders. So that, the photo came as if I am a strict director and they are under my control. Then Arya said, he will post this photo in facebook and twitter with the caption that, The director who is bullying the Tamil actors. 

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