24 September 2014

Tamil movie Yaan - Over View

In this page of Tamil Cinema bio, we shall look about the Tamil movie Yaan in which Tamil actor Jeeva and Tamil actress Thulasi Nair have acted under the direction of Ravi K Chandran. We shall start with the Casts and Crew of Tamil movie Yaan before seeing the other stuff about the movie.

Tamil movie Yaan
Casts and crew

Tamil movie Yaan - Casts and Crew:

Main Male actor ( Hero ) - Tamil actor Jeeva

Main female actor ( Heroin ) - Tamil actress Thulasi Nair

Supporting actors in Tamil movie Yaan - Tamil actor Nasser, Karunakaran, Arjunan, Thambi Ramaiah, Nawab Shah, Bose Venkat etc.,

Director - Ravi K Chandran

Music - Tamil cinema music director Haris Jayaraj

Producer - Elred Kumar and Jaya Raman

Cinematography - Manush Nandan

Reasons for the peak level expectations on Tamil movie Yaan :

The director of this movie Ravi K Chandran is one of the famous cinematographer of the country India that he has worked even with top class Bollywood actors too. The second reason is Tamil actor Jeeva, that we the Tamil cinema audience have a noticing eye on each and every movies of Tamil actor Jeeva as he chooses the stories perfectly. Then the music of Harris Jayaraj as he is one of the top 3 music directors of Tamil cinema. Also the presence of Tamil actress Thulasi Nair who is the daughter of farmer Tamil cinema actress Radha and Thulasi nair had acted and danced well in her debut Tamil movie Kadal under the direction of Tamil cinema director Mani Rathnam.

Another reason for this much expectation is that the Trailer of the movie Yaan has been appreciated by Bollywood actors like, Amitabh Bachan.

Tamil movie Yaan - Audio Track List:

Hey Lamba lamba - Tamil movie yaan song

Lyrics - Vaali

Singers :Devan Ekambaram and Divya Vijay

Tamil movie Yaan song - Aathangara Orathil

Lyrics - Kabilan

Singers - Gaana bala and M C Vickey

Tamil movie Yaan song - Latcham Calorie
Tamil actor Jeeva and actress Thulasi NAir for Yaan

Lyrics - Pa. Vijay

Singers - Arjun Menon and Chinmayi

Tamil movie Yaan song - Nenje Nenje

Lyrics - Kabilan

Singers - Unni Krishnan, Chinmayi and Praveen Salvi

Tamil movie Yaan song - Nee vandhu ponadhu

Lyrics -Thamarai

Singers - KK, Bambay Jayshree, Ramya NSK and Megha

Music - Harris Jayaraj

Tamil movie Yaan - Release date:

Tamil movie Yaan has passed the censor board with the certificate of U recently. Now there is an announcement made about this movie that it will be released on October 2, 2014. On this same date, Hindi movie Bang Bang, Hollywood movie, Anavella, Telugu movie Govindudu Andherivadile and Tamil movei Oru oorla Rendu Raja are scheduled to get released. The basic story of Tamil movie Yaan is said to be a complete action movie.

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