Tamil movie Sigaram Thodu - Complete Review

Cast and Crew of Tamil movie Sigaram Thodu:

UTV Motion Pictures' Sigaram Thodu starring Tamil actor Vikram Prabhu, Tamil actress Monal Gajjar, Sathyaraj and Tamil cinema director KS Ravikumar is Gaurav's second directorial venture, following the super hit Thoonganagaram. Tamil cinema music director D. Imman has scored the music for this movie.

Complete Story of Tamil movie Sigaram Thodu:

Tamil movie Sigaram Thodu

Chellappa (Tamil actor Sathyaraj) is a Police officer who is very passionate about his job and the police force and has gone on to come back to Police work in a desk job, despite losing a leg in the line of duty. He wants his son Murali Pandian ( Tamil actor Vikram Prabhu) to become a Police officer and make him and the job proud. However, Murali Pandian is totally against becoming a policeman, as he has seen his father lose his leg, and also lost his mother because of this. Murali wants to become a bank manager and is secretly trying his best to get that job. The whole city is reeling under mass cash theft from ATM machines, and the Police are not able to control the theft nor identify who is behind all this. On a pilgrimage trip, Murali comes across Ambujam (Monal Gajjar) and the two fall in love. However, similar to Murali, Ambujam also hates policemen and does not want him to take up a job with the force. Accidentally, Chellappa comes into contact with the ATM thieves and is beaten up by them. Will atleast this incident make Murali take the Police job seriously? Who are the ruthless ATM thieves? Can Ambujam and Murali still be together if he takes up a Police job? Watch Sigaram Thodu to know the answers...

Tamil movie Sigaram Thodu - Review:

Following the success of his debut movie Thoonganagaram, director Gaurav has taken up another intense plot and laced it with humour and romance in Sigaram Thodu. The subject of credit and debit card frauds has been dealt with in detail, by the director. The storyline is unique, and the screenplay is taut with a lot of racy twists and turns. Vikram Prabhu seems to be choosing all his projects with utmost care, and following three hits, he has done well to choose this script and excelled in his role as a reluctant cop. Monal Gajjar is impressive and has played her part well. Veteran Sathyaraj seems to only be growing better with age and has given a flawless performance as a passionate father who wants his son to become a great Police officer. 

The supporting cast including Tamil actor Sathish as KK, Tamil actor Erode Mahesh as Aadhimoolam and Kovai Sarala as Aishwarya, lend good support to the leads. Gaurav has shown that he can excel in front of the camera also, as he dons the antagonist's role again. His performance as Siva is good, as is Sarandeep's performance as Lawrence.Tamil music director D. Imman has churned out some wonderful songs and the 'Takku Takku Takkunu' and 'Scenu Scenu' numbers will stay on our minds and lips well after we leave the theatre. Special mention has to be made for the BGM, which takes the movie to the next level. Vijay Ulaganath's cinematography should definitely come in for praise, for the unique camera angles he has used. Editor Praveen's work stands out in making the movie crisp and pacy.

UTV Motion Pictures' Sigaram Thodu is sure to scale the peak of success!

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