07 September 2014

Tamil movie Poriyaalan - Basic Story and Complete Review

Cast and Crew - Tamil movie Poriyalan:

Main Male lead Role ( Hero ) - Tamil Actor Harish Kalyan

Hari Kalyan has already acted in few Tamil movies like Santha Mama with Karunas and Tamil actress Swetha Basu; Sindhu Samaveli with Tamil actress Amala Paul etc.,
Tamil movie Poriyalan

Main Female Lead Role ( Heroin ) - Tamil actress Ananthi

Other actors in Tamil movie Poriyalan are, Achuta Kumar, Ajay Raj and Aadukalam Naren etc.,

Director - Thanu Kumar

Tamil cinema director Thanu Kumar has already directed a Tamil movie namely N H 4 which was a love and thriller movie in which Tamil actor Siddharth did the lead male role ( Hero ).

Producers - Vetri Maaran, A K Vetri Velavan and M Devarajulu.

Music - Tamil cinema music director A S Jones

Cinematography - Velraj

Production Company - Grass Root film Company and Ace Mass Media

Story of Tamil movie Poriyalan:

The basic story of Tamil movie Poriyalan is about a Real Estate fraudulent activity and the fraudulent activity done by the people who give money to the needy with huge interest money. The beginning scenes of Tamil movie Poriyalan is explaining about the character of Harish Kalyan ( Character name - Saravanan ) that he is a Civil Engineer who is so straight forward and honest working in a construction company. As Harish Kalyan behaves so honest with his job, many are teasing him violently. So Harish Kalyan decides to start a construction company of his own. For beginning the construction company he needs money. So he get a 2 Crores of money from his friend ( Character name - Prabu ) to start the construction company. but Prabu has taken the 2 Crore Money from a man, Acchuth kumar ( Character name Sundar ) who is doing the business of giving money to the needy and collecting back with huge interest of money. The plan of Prabu is to put back the 2 Crore of money before his boss Sundar comes back from the jail for bail.

But Harish Kalyan loses the 2 Crore of money to a Real Estate group by buying an illegal land property. On the other hand Prabu is getting captured to Sundar after he comes out from jail for bail. So Harish Kalyan goes in search of the Real Estate man who cheated him to rescue Prabu from sundar. The remaining story of the Tamil movie Poriyalan lies on whether Harish Kalyan saved his friend Prabu? What happens to the Harish Kalyan's dream of starting new Construction company and his love story.

Tamil movie Poriyalan - Review:

Positive points about Tamil movie Poriyalan:

Tamil movie Poriyalan is one of the very few movies showing in detailed about the Real Estate things that, in buying a land there are several parties like, Land owner, Land Buyer, Land brokers, Banks who are giving loans, Registering authorities etc., and there is a majority of people in those parties are supporting these illegal activities purposefully. Heroism is not used as a big factor in this movie, instead the negative roles are highlighted as the story refers to cheating activity and this method in handling the story of the director has made the audience to get close with the story of the movie.

The Hero of the movie Harish Kalyan is a good selection, that his appearance suits the role as he has the face shows the middle class look. The Heroin Ananthi also suits that she looks like a neighborhood girl. The acting of Acchath Kumar as a Interest collecting man is good that he is threatening the audience and making them to imagine violent scenes up next by hearing the strong voice of him and look. The dialogues like - Give money for interest only to the man who has money, else how to re collect if we give money to an empty man? Additionally the role of the Real Estate agent namely Shastri is designed and used effectively and makes the audience to talk about that sub agent role even after coming out of the theater.

The cinematography of Velraj is perfect and the back ground music and audio songs of Tamil movie Poriyaalan is admirable.

Few negative points from Tamil movie Poriyalan:

If we look closely, the core story of the movie is the Real Estate Fraudulent that how a same land is being sold to several people at a same time. We can get some shock when hearing the story by words. But there is no effective scenes to show in the movie to explain the situation strongly. Most of the scenes are around the hero and showing that he is roaming around in search of that Real Estate fraud.

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