Tamil movie Kaththi Story leaked !!

Tamil movie Kaththi Story leaked !!

Tamil movie Kaththi - vijay and Samantha

There is a huge rumor about the Tamil movie Kaththi has been going on with the complete description about the story of the movie at this stage of, even the audio launch has been done for this movie. But it is strongly believed that the story narrated in the rumor will not be the story of the actual movie, Kaththi. The following is the story in the message which has been spreading over in the internet.

Tamil movie Kaththi - complete story:

Vijay, being a chennai born guy wants to redefine the shape of chennai by constructing aritificial islands along the coast.Samantha with the same desire plans a project for an artificial island at the Marina beach.So she goes to UAE to examine the PALM ISLAND which was artificially created some years back.In due course she stays in a 7-Star hotel.Vijay accidentally wins in a lucky draw and gets a trip to the UAE.He stays in the same hotel where samantha is.He starts planning an island on seeing the coast artifo islando in DUBAI.He designs a model and saves it in his pendrive.He hangs it in his chain always.While he takes bath the pendrive accidentally gets loosened and falls into the water outlet.Samantha's room has got a damage in pipeline through which water had come in.Cleaners come to her room to clean it.After they leave she finds the pendrive.On opening, she secretely hides the model.Vijay returns india disappointedly.. As all his models were in that single pendrive.Samantha gets approval from the government for that model and seeks vijay's help for the final touch-up of plan! Vj.. On seeing that.. Faints
There goes interval

He gets a disease called hiputrezia wherein the patient can reproduce any picture by seeing it only once but forgets everything that happened before.. Samntha nd vj becom frns and lovers soon.. They start constructing the island.. Suddenly vj falls from second floor and gets injured.. Again he gets back his memeories... And plans to take revenge on samantha.. When he tries to kill her.. Samantha's brother destroys his neural code by bio-techniques.Then he becomes unconscious for many months.With his friend he gets recovered.. And returns from german after treatment.. At that time chennai is completely destroyed due "srinaprane" a heavy storm 10 times that of tsunami! Vj got bak only his memory but his Hiputrezia doesnt leave him. He could remember every big building statue and terminals in chennai and he construct everything. At last people realize that his mind is so sharp like KATHTHI and bulid a statue for him in the form of kathi.When the final fight comes btwn vj and villan.. As a usual phenomenon hero wins with a scene of killing d villain by pressing himself into the KATHTHI statue

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