Tamil movie Jeeva ( 2014 ) - Casts and Crew; Complete Story and Review

In this page of Tamil cinema bio we shall see about the Tamil movie Jeeva in which Tamil actor Vishal Vishnu and actress Sri Divya have acted under the direction of Suseendran. Before going to the story and review of Jeeva, we shall look about the Casts and Crew of the movie.
Tamil actor Vishnu Vishal, Sri Divya for
 Tamil movie Jeeva ( 2014 )

Casts and Crew of Tamil movie Jeeva:

Main male actor ( Hero ) - Tamil actor Vishal Vishnu

Main female actor ( Heroin ) - Tamil actress Sri Divya

Comedy actor - Tamil comedian soori

Cameo appearance - Tamil actor Arya

Other acting artists : Harish Uthaman; Vinoth KishanT. Siva, Tamil actor Charlie, and Madhusuthanan Rao.

Music - Tamil cinema music director D. Imman

Cinematography - R. Madhi

Direction; Story; screen play - Tamil cinema director Suseendran

Dialogue - Santhosh

Producer - Tamil actor Arya; Tamil actor Vishal; Director Suseendran; R. Madhie; Rajeevan and Next Big Film.

Story of Tamil movie Jeeva ( 2014 ):

The character of Tamil actor Vishnu Vishal in this movie has got a sincere interest in playing cricket. Vishal Vishnu is growing up with the neighbor as his mother is dead before years and still he has his father alive. The father of vishal vishnu character has been done by Tamil actor Charlie. As Vishnu Vishal use to play the street cricket usually, he gets a chance to play for his school cricket team. On seeing the cricketing talent of Vishal Vishnu, the coach of pheonix club calling Vishal Vihsu to get proper training from the club itself. Even though Vishal visnu gets peak level happiness to get training, his father is being a hurdle for this.

When the things are going like this, Vishal Vishnu being loved by the neighbor girl, Tamil actress Sri Divya ( character name in the movie Jeeva - Jeni ) who comes new to the area. At a stage, the love between Vihal Vishnu and Sri Divya comes to know to the father of Sri Divya and he makes Sri Divya to learn from other town. After getting departed from Sri Divya, Vishal Vishnu starts getting addicted to drugs.

Then the father of Vishal Vishnu makes him to join in the Pheonix club for Cricket Training. At that training club, Laxman ( character name Ranjit ) and Soori ( character name David ) becoming friends for Vishal Vishnu. As Vishal vishnu and Laxman are showing high performance, during the training, they are getting opportunity to play in the Ranji trophy. But the politics going on there in Ranji, the talents of Vishal vishnu and Laxman are getting unexposed. Getting vexed by the politics going on there, Laxman commits suicide.

On the other hand, Vishal Vishnu searches and finds where is Sri Divya and resuming his love again and seeking the permission from their parents to arrange their marriage. But the father of Sri Divya is asking Vishal vishnu to get out of cricket to marry his daughter.

Whether Vishal Vishnu won in both his cricketing life and love life? or he sacrificed his cricket for love is the remaining story of the Tamil movie Jeeva ( 2014 ).

Tamil movie Jeeva ( 2014 ) review:

Role and performance of Tamil actor Vishal Vishnu in Tamil movie Jeeva ( 2014 ):

Tamil actor Vishal Vishal has got the total appearance and body language of an original cricketer in this movie as he has a great touch with playing cricket in his real life too also he has adopted with the role perfectly. The style what Vishal Vishnu has shown with the character of Jeeva in this film is making us the audience to admire completely.We could see Tamil actor vishnu Vishal in this movie with a fresh look that he is coming without mustache and beard not like a Vishal vishnu who comes with a mandatory mustache and beard in all the movies.

Role and performance of Tamil actress Sri divya in Tamil movie Jeeva ( 2014 ):

Tamil actress Sri Divya for
Tamil movie Jeeva ( 2014 )
Sri Divya is coming in this movie with the character name, Jeni who is a very active school girl at the first half of movie Jeeva ( 2014 ) and a responsible college girl in the second half of the movie. Sri Divya attracts all the audience with her beautiful appearance through out the movie.

The character of actor Lakshman who has done the role of the friend of Vishal vishnu has got a nice role to play in this movie. The role of Tamil actor Charlie who has entered Tamil cinema after a long gap has got a stressful role in this movie and he has done the role effectively and getting applause from the audience. The other actors like actor Mari Muthu, Coach Ravi and the father of Sri divya role, namely T Shiva have done their roles with responsibility.

The cinematography of the movie is one of the biggest pluses of the movie Jeeva (2014 ) and all the audio songs of the movie Jeeva ( 2014 ) are good to listen and also the Back ground music has also been done well by the music director D. Imman.

The director has shown each and every struggles that a boy who is breathing cricket from his child hood and trying to become a professional cricket in the name of politics in game effectively.

Over all - Tamil movie Jeeva ( 2014 ) is nice to watch as a good storied entertaining movie; but there are few boring scenes in the movie. 

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