Tamil movie I - Audio Songs Review

Tamil movie - I - Audio Song Review:

The Tamil movie I Audio songs were released today in Chennai with the great event with the presence of Arnold Schwarzeegger, Rajnikanth. The music director of the movie I is A R Rahman, the combination of A R Rahman has happened after the Tamil movie Endhiran.

Tamil movie I Audio Songs

Tamil movie I - Audio Song Merasellayiten:

Singers : Aniruth Ravi Chander and Neeti Mohan

Music - A R Rahman

The complete song is about the beauty of a girl in a complete Chennai slang Tamil. The voice of Aniruth with the young fire is making us the audience to feel the freshness of the song and getting into the situation of being in a Chennai slum area with folk music coming in between the song. There is a lady sweet humming voice has been added in between the song with the voice of Neeti Mohan. All the sentences of the song have the Chennai slang words ex: Krishnail, Thenga Pathai etc.,

There is a Merasallayiten remix also there in the album. Already the Merasellayiten is a fast beat song , the re mix definitely makes us to dance.

Tamil movie I - Audio Song - Ennodu Nee:

Singers : Sid Sri Ram and Sunitha Sarathy

This song gets the complete love feel to us when we hear even the music could make few of us let tears out of eyes at the end of the song if we hear involved much. This is a complete love song coming with the meaning, like you live, I live, if not I will die. There is a re mix song for this Ennodu Nee Irundhal song in this album.

Tamil movie I - Audio Song - Pookaley Satru 

Singers : Hari Charan ; Shreya Ghosal

This song is a duet song, in fact we can call this song as the title song, because the word I is coming many times in this song. A part of the song is exclaiming about the beauty of the heroin that the hero is asking all the flowers to take rest as his love girl has come.

Tamil movie I - Audio Song - Lady yo

Singer - Nikita Gandhi

This is a rock song determining about the heroin of the movie. The complete song is with the rocking A R Rahman style fast beat song starts with the words, Lady yo beautiful lady yo Sexy Lady yo. We are hindered to hear this song for many times soon after the song starts with the high beats.

Tamil movie I - Audio song - Aila Aila

Singers : Aditya Rao and Natalie Di Luccio

This song starts with the voice of the canadian singer, Natalie Di Luccio woth the words, made in Venila. This song states like the hero is appealing the heroin and the heroin moves away from him. 

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