Tamil movie Aadama Jaichomada - Casts and Crew, Complete Story and Review

The release date of Tamil movie Aadama Jaichomada is 19th September 2014 and the movie is one of the movies that is showing the partiality, bribery and inner politics in Tamil Cinema. We shall look into the Casts and Crew of the movie before going to the Story and Review of the movie.

Casts and Crew of Tamil movie Aadama Jaichomada:

Tamil movie Aadama Jaichomada

Main male role - Tamil actor Karuna karan & Bobby Simha

Main female role - Tamil actress Vijaya Lakshmi

Other characters of Aadama Jaichomada have been done by, Balaji Venu Gopal; K S Ravi Kumar; Radha Ravi, Aadukalam Naren and Chethan.

Music - Tamil cinema music director Sean Rolden

Dialogues - Shiva

Direction - Badri

Editing  - K J Venkat Raman

Tamil movie Aadama Jaichomada - Complete Story:

Tamil actor Karunakaran is a Call Taxi driver in this movie and he gets Balaji Venu Gopal in the taxi of Karunakaran and Balaji is a broker who is doing the cricket match fixing. By seeing the nice way of talking of Balaji and the bunch of money in the hand of Balaji, Karuna Karan is telling all his sad stories that he is living separately from his wife due to his loan of 10 lakhs. Hearing all the sad stories of Karunakaran, Balaji is asking him to just drive 2 days of Taxi for him and he will settle all the loans of Karuna Karan.

Tamil actress Vijaya Lakshmi
Karuna karan gets happy and going to the hotel in which Balaji is staying in search of him the next morning. But Balaji has got murdered next morning in the same hotel. Now is the introduction scene of Bobby Simha in Aadama Jeyichomada is coming that he is the inspector allocated for catching the gang which is doing the Cricket match fixing. The remaining story of Aadama Jeyichomada is about how and who killed Balaji, whether Bobby Simha catches the Match fixing group or not.

Tamil movie Aadama Jeyichomada - Review:

As the core story of the movie is about the match fixing, the thriller feeling is getting us automatically. As all the characters of the movie are perfect selection for the role, whole movie is making us laugh all the times especially the second half of the movie. But still the cricket match fixing or gambling things might have been shown in deep in this movie as the floor of the movie is completely about the cricket match fixing.

The role of Karunakaran in Aadama Jaichomada is a comic one and his innocent reaction is making us to feel the situation of his role in the scenes like when he is explaining all his story to Balaji and when he is having the conversation with Balaji in the taxi. One of the different dialogues added in this movie is that heroin of this movie, Tamil actress Vijaya Lakshmi is telling that her would be should give a separate bath room and toilet having room for her as the dowry to marry her.

The acting of Balaji is also impressive. The reason for the murder of Balaji and the situation when the director is telling who is the murderer are perfect. The character of Bobby Simha in Aadama Jaichomada is having full of Rajni Styles and Rajni dialogues. The comedy scenes around Aadukalam Naren are making us the audience to laugh with blast in those scenes. Cinematography is apt with the environment of the movie.

Over all, Tamil movie Aadama Jaichomada is one of the fine movies came as Comedy thriller movies in the Tamil cinemas. 

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