Tamil Cinema today - An Overview

Tamil Cinema - Overview

Traditional Tamil cinema motivates the people in right ways also it encourage the people to do good activities. The songs and the theme of those cinemas are encouraging the people in good things. But now a days Tamil cinema indirectly motivate the younger generation in wrong path. It also gives abnormal thinking as well as wrong information about the real world. For example in a movie BBO gave salary of Rs.50, 000/- for a month to to an youngster but real fact any BBO doesn’t give such amount of salary to any fresher. In Tamil movies they introduce a virtual world to the person who seen it.

Tamil Cinema

Some Positive Views about Tamil Cinema:

Some Tamil cinema directors give good movies to the society. They explain how we live now and how to we change in their movies. They also give hidden news about our people like movie 7-m arivu movie. Also they create revolution in our system (education system) like Thanga meengal movie. Also that movie explain the
love between a daughter and her father. They also try to crack the barrier to rise the Thirunahgai, physically challenged people and widow etc. also try to change the mind set about them to the society. They also clips these peoples real life’s difficulties to the society.

But problem in it is most of people don’t like it. They think only movies are entertained us that enough so they say it’s so bore. This results these kind of movies reduced because no producer ready to produce that.

Some Negative Points about Tamil Cinema:

In this world the person who is hero he must drink, smoke. To see this the youngster addict to alcohol, smoking. In these movies they encourage the student in wrong ways. For example many of the Tamil movies are allow love in school student. Also they says that hero loves school girl is not wrong but this is done by villain it is wrong. Also many of the movies use heroines in that movie only for glamorous point of view only. Also the role of that girl is irrelevant to that story otherwise it also motivate love in the society wrong way. As a result of it now a days student in below 5th she is my lover(but they don’t know what’s love). It also teaches how to do illegal activities. Some months ago a thief told to police how he did the theft. It’s purely based on one recent movie. In another incident a group of students killed their college principal and said they kill their principal based on a movie which they recently seen.

Tamil cinema motivates violence now a days. Most of the movies (all movies) have more than 2 or 3 fights. Also it creates a mind set to the people beat some to be a hero. It motivate ragging in colleges. Also comedies in now a day cinema are based on hurt someone. This results the people hurt other and don’t feel about it. It increase suicides in Tamilnadu.

Now a days movies don’t have any theme. They fully based entertainment & money based. We can’t blame the director only because people don’t give much important to see low budget as well as some award winning director’s movies. They think its bore to them. So this kind movies reduced because no producer ready to produce that.

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