29 September 2014

Tamil actress Pooja Hedge said no for a Mani rathnam movie ..

Tamil actress Pooja Hedge
Tamil actress Pooja Hedge acted in the Tamil movie Muhamoodi pairing with Tamil actor Jeeva under the direction of Myskin and the acting of Pooja Hedge was highly appreciated for her acting in that movie. After that, Pooja Hedge went to act in Bollywood movies after getting chance to act there. The current movie of Tamil actress Pooja Hedge is the Bollywood movie Mohanjo daro in which Hrithik Roshan has done the main male role ( hero ) under the direction of Aastose Gowrikar.

At this situation there is a talk going on that, Tamil cinema director Mani Rathnam called Pooja Hedge to act in his movie pairing with Dulkar Shalmaan. But as Pooja Hedge was busy with her hindi movies, she has refused to act in that Mani rathnam movie.

Now Tamil actress Pooja Hedge has spoken out about the reason why she refused Mani Rathnam movie to act in. When Pooja Hedge spoke about the Mani Rathnam movie, she has agreed that she was proposed by one of the assistant directors of Mani Rathnam to act in his movie and Pooja Hedge has got stunned with the importance of the role in the movie. But still, as she does not have free dates in her call sheet, she could not act in that Mani Rathnam movie.

We shall remember that Pooja Hedge was born and brought up in Mumbai city, her age is 23 ( date of birth October 13, 1990 ). The very first appearance of Pooja Hedge in a cinema camera was for the Tamil movie Mugamoodi and her appearance and face expressions in the song Vaaya moodi from Mugamoodi added value to that song to get a huge hit also she was nominated for an award in SIIMA awards of the year 2012.

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