Tamil actor Surya met Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger !!

Hollywood actor Arnod Schwarzenegger who has come to Chennai has got meet by Tamil actor Surya and also Surya has got the autograph of Arnold on an Exercises tips book written by Arnold himself.
Tamil actor Surya with Arnold photo / image / picture

The Audio launch function of Tamil movie I which has been directed by Tamil cinema director Shankar; vikram and Amy Jackson have acted with the musical works of A R Rahman has been conducted in Chennai and Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger arried Chennai for the Audio launch of I. The name of hotel in which Arnold Schwarzenegger stay while came to Chennai is Hotel Leela Palace. Soon after arriving to the hotel, Arnold has done some exercises in the gyl of Leela Palace.

As a co incidence, Tamil actor Surya has been going to that same gym normally for doing some work outs. So, Surya was introduced to Srnold Schwarzenegger by the producer of the movie I, Mr. Ravi Chandran's brother Ramesh Babu. At the meeting of Surya and Arnold schwarzenegger, Surya has said Arnold that he has been following the books written by Arnold for all of his work outs and he has shown the book to Arnold and got the autograph of Arnold right on the book he had itself. Knowing this, Arnold has got happy and got the book from Surya himself and given his autograph for Surya. 

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