Profile and Biography of Tamil actress Bindu Madhavi

Tamil Actress Bindu Madhavi
Profile and Biography
In this page, we shall look about one of the leading Tamil actresses, Bindu Maadhavi who has the maximum number of Upcoming Tamil movies in hand. we shall look every thing about Bindu movie like, Profile of Bindu Madhavi, Biography of Tamil actress Bindu Madhavi, Filmography / Tamil cinema career of Bindu Madhavi etc.,

Tamil actress Bindu Madhavi - Biography:

Birth place of Tamil actress Bindu Maadhavi is Madanapalli - a place in Andhra Pradesh of India. The Birth date of Bindu Maadhavi is 14th june 1986 ( so now the age of Bindu Maadhavi is 28 ). The father of Bindu Maadhavi is an assistant commisioner who is presently working in Hyderabad now and as, the father of Bindu Madhavi is a government employee, the family of Bindu Madhavi had to be moving from a place to another that the family of Bindu Madhavi has moved Tirupati. Nellore, Gundur, Vijayawada and Hyderabad etc., The schoolings of Tamil actress Bindu Maadhavi was complete in Chennai and she completed her college education; Biotechnology from the Vellore Institute of Technology which is placed in Vellore. Number of siblings Bindu Maadhavi had was one and that brother of her too died in the year 2012.

The childhood aim of Bindu Maadhavi was to become a pilot. At the time of schoolings and colleges, Bindu Maadhavi has been an average student and at the time of studies itself Bindu Madhavi has had lot of interestes in participating in the cultural events in the school and college and she had won many prizes. The modeling career of Bindu Madhavi has started with a paper ad for the Saravana Stores of T Nagar Chennai by wearing the cultural clothes of Tamilnadu, Sarees and then Bindu Madhavi  had been noted by Sekhar Kammula and Anish Kuruvilla also in her modeling hot looks in the advertisements for Tata Gold and Tanishq of the Tata Product Titan. Then they have called Bindu Madhavi for an audition and the audition has been an audition which has gone for 4 hours and the audition was for a heroin role in a Telugu movie.

In that heroin roel audition, Bindu Maadhavi has been given 1 hour of time to get prepared by herself after explaining a scene to her. After one hour, she has performed well and got the heroin role in her very first movie and the character of Bindu Maadhavi in that movie was a pickle selling girl for the movie Avakkai Biriyani. The role which was done by Bindu Maadhavi was a normal village girl selling pickle. Bindu Madhavi has said that she might be looking different now a days but her initial look when she entered was like matching with that village character also Bindu Maadhavi has undergone a training workshop for the role of her in that movie.

Tamil actress Bindu Madhavi
Profile Picture
There were many restrictions from the house of Bindu Madhavi when she has informed them about her interest in modeling. Especially from her father, that he has not talked with Bindu Madhavi for 6 months after hearing her interest in doing modeling.  The father of Bindu Madhavi has said a condition when Bindu went for her modeling and ramp walk, that she should be ready to forget if she is not successful in modeling. But Bindu Maadhavi got nice opportunities in Chennai for ramp walks and modeling and did 20 numbers of ramp walks totally. But soon after getting the first chance to act in a movie, the father of Bindu has started encouraging Bindu on her way.

Then during the shooting spots, Bindu Madhavi has been always a naughty girl that she used to do many pranks to the casts and crews. for example, in a movie shoot, Bindu madhavi has biten 8 number of chillies for a crying scene even when the director of the movie is asking her to use glycerin. Also she has made the crew scared by putting a Kajal kind eye make up and stood on the mid of a road when the crew was going for a mid night shooting works.

One of the main pluses of Bindu maadhavi is her big romantic eyes which can give various emotions easily. Her weakness is she believes people easily. After becoming an actress, now the aim of Bindu maadhavi is to do the roles that are done by hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. The hobbies of Tamil actress Bindu Maadhavi are, playing badminton with her father and this thing she has been doing from her child hood and Bindu Maadhavi is an expert in swimming. Bindu Maadhavi is not a diet controlled girl instead she is making it with her high work outs in the gym.

Filmography of Tamil actress Bindu Maadhavi:

The very first movie of Bindu Maadhavi was in the Telugu cinema industry with the movie, namely Avakkai Biryani, then the second movie of Bindu Maadhavi was Tamil movie Pokkisham and this was the debut movie of Tamil actress Bindu Maadhavi in Tamil which was directed by Tamil cinema director / actor Cheran and even though the role of Bindu Maadhavi was not a big one, still she got attracted to to the Tamil cinema audiences. Then Bindu went to Telugu movies for a very long period of time that she came back to Tamil cinema industry after 2 years of time, with the Tamil movie, Veppam which was directed by the Tamil cinema female director Anjana. In the movie, Veppam, Bindu Maadhavi got a significant role. After that Bindu Maadhavi got the heroin role in the Tamil movei Kazhugu which got a big response from the Tamil cinema audiences. In the movie Kazhugu, Bindu maadhavi acted pairing with Tamil actor Krishna. In the movie Kazhugu, the role of Bindu Maadhavi was a girl who is doing a very cute love on the hero and in that role, Bindu maadhavi made all the Tamil cinema audience to accept her as a homely heroin. Then Bindu Maadhavi acted in the Tamil movie Sattam Oru Iruttarai with the character name Diya.

After that, Bindu Maadhavi acted in the Tamil movie Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga pairing with Tamil actor Vimal; also Tamil actor Siva Karthikeyan and actress Regina had acted in the movie Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga. After that Bindu Maadhavi signed for the movie, Desingu Raja pairing with Tamil actor Vimal. In this movie, Bindu Maadhavi acted with some romancing scene, lip lock scene and a glamourous video song with tha character name of Thaamarai.

After Desingu Raja, Bindu Maadhavi acted in the Tamil movie Oru Kanniyum Moonru Kalavaanigalum pairing with Tamil actor Arulnidhi. In this movie Binsu Madhavi had a stunning role of a girl who is helping 2 guys to do kidnap of the hero's lover from the marriage function of the heroin herself. In this movie, the appearance of Bindu Maadhavi was with pant and shirt always.

Tamil actress Bindu Maadhavi
 in a Photo Shoot

Upcoming Tamil movies of Tamil actress Bindu Maadhavi:

The upcoming Tamil movies of Bindu Maadhavi are,

Kalakkuray Mapla

Tamiluku En ondrai Aluthavum - Tamil actress Bindu maadhavi acting by pairing with Tamil actor Attakathi Dinesh.

Tamil movie Savaale Samaali

Tamil movie Vasantha Kumaran

Untitled Tamil movie - Bindu acts under the direction of Pandiraj.

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