Marriage of Tamil actress Anushka Shetty

Tamil actress Anushka Shetty 
Tamil actress Anushka Shetty was introduced to the Tamil movies with the Tamil movie Rendu ( paired with Tamil actor Madhavan ), then she got a high fame with her movie Arundhathi. Then Anushka acted in the super Tamil movies like, Vettai Karan ( pairing with Tamil actor Vijay ), Deiva Thiru Magan ( Tamil actor Vikram did the main role in this movie ), Irandam Ulagam ( paired with Tamil actor Arya ), Singam, Singam II ( pairing with Tamil actor Surya.) Now Anushka has been acting in the Tamil movie Linga, pairing with Tamil actor Rajini kanth and the shooting of this movie has got just finished.

The present movie of Anushka in Telugu is Rudrama devi and Baahubali, among these two movies, Rudramadevi shotting has got finished and the shooting of Baahubali has been going on. By this time, the current age of Tamil actress Anushka Shetty is 32. So the parents of Tamil actress Anushka have beed looking for a bride for Anushka Shetty recent days and they have found a bride for Anushka and he is a business man it seems.

But the name of the bride of Tamil actress Anushka Shetty has been not disclosed so far. Additionally one of the Telugu cinema directors has come to tell a story of his movie to Tamil actress Anushka. Even though the story of the movie and the role of Anushka Shetty in that are loved by Anushka, she did not accept to act in that movie. Will Tamil actress Anushka act after her marriage? is the quesiton of most of the fans of Anushka now. 

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