29 September 2014

Copy cat music in Tamil movie Madras? Music director Santhosh Narayanan explains

There is a rumor going on about the music of Tamil movie Madras which was released recently in theaters that the music of the movie has been copied from the movie Inception and the music director of Tamil movie Madras, Santhosh Narayanan has answered for this rumor.

Tamil music director Santhosh Narayanan

Tamil movie Madras, in this movie Tamil actor Karthi has acted together with Tamil actress Catherine Tresa under the direction of Attakaththi fame Ranjith with the music of Santhosh Naranyanan who has grabbed all the Tamil cinema audience with their theater seats in his movies like, Pizza; Jigarthanda and Soodhu Kavvum and the producer of Madras is Studio Green.

There are some rumors spreading around that some music sequences of Tamil movie Madras has been taken from the movie, Inception that came with the music of music director Hans Zimmer. The verdict of Santhosh Narayanan for this statement about his music was that he will release the audio file of that controversial music sequence of Tamil movie Madras namely, Killed from Inside will be released in the social networking medias like Facebook and twitter,

Then Santhosh Narayanan did release that music sequence in Facebook and then he said that, he feels refreshed when seeing that his music of Killed from Inside has become one of the discussing topics and the reasong for himself to release that audio in Facebook is just only to explain about the copy cat rumor about his music in Madras. Also Santhosh Narayanan added that he is feeling happy that nowadays the music and back ground music have been dissected and discussed in social media and he is open to explain about his works anywhere. Santhosh Narayanan finished that Facebook post with thanks to the supports from the audience and he will be updating his future works to his fans regularly. 

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