What is the meaning of Tamil word Ai?

Earlier in our Tamil cinema page we have seen about the arrival of Arnold Schwarznegger and Jockie Chan for the audio launch of Ai and other Tamil movie Ai audio launch related information, and now we shall look about one more information, that is, What is the meaning of Tamil word Ai?
Tamil actor Vikram, director Shanakr and Tamil music director A R Rahman for Tamil movie Ai

Tamil movie Ai is one of the most awaited Tamil movies going to be released for the Diwali 2014. With this peak level of expectation, most of the Tamil cinema audience are looking for the release of Tamil movie Ai teaser, Trailer, Audio launch etc., At this time we have got an important information about the movie that the meaning of the Tamil word Ai. There are several meanings for the Tamil word Ai, including Exclamation, Beauty, Softness, Coward, Leader, Husband, King and poison.
There are some rumors spreading around about the core story of Tamil movie Ai as if Tamil actor shall have a super power with scientific back ground. But still there is no speech from the director of the film, Tamil cinema director Shankar so far. We shall remember that the music for this movie is done by A R Rahman.

When Tamil cinema director Shankar talked about the Tamil word Ai and shared the reason why he chose the word Ai for his movie with Tamil actor Vikram movie Ai is that Shankar has thought of putting the name of Azhagan or Aanazhagan as the words were already kept for the Tamil movies again; Shankar went to his desire of keeping the movie name with just one single word. Then Shankar has come across the word I ( aka ) Ai and the meaning of the Tamil word Ai ( aka ) I is resembling with the story of tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai and the meaning of the Tamil word I (aka) Ai is that beauty / Softness / Coward / Leader. So Shankar kept the name of Tamil movie Ai ( aka ) I with this name.

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