Taml lyricist Kabilan has written a song for Tamil movie Ai by flying in an aeroplane

We have already seen about the Tamil movie Ai earlier that

Hollywood Super Stars Arnold and Jockie Chan are coming for the Audio launch of Ai,  and the

Meaning of the Tamil word Ai
Tamil cinema lyricist Kabilan

Now the recent update we have got about the Tamil movie Ai is that the lyricist Kabilan has written a song for Ai during his flight travel out of the three number of Audio Songs he has written for. When Kabilan talked about the songs he has worked for Tamil movie Ai, he has explained about the 3 songs he has written for. Then he has stated about the locations in which and all he sat while writing those songs and the locations in which the songs have been pictured through internet. Even he use to show the dresses of the on screen actor's dresses will be worn during acting for his songs. Then he has played the recorded music of A R Rahman. These are the methods Kabilan follows to get into the mood of songs writing. Then only Kabilan reveals that what are the songs can be placed in the audio song for which is working.

Then Kabila said that he went to Kodaikaanal to write the a song for Ai. Tamil cinema director Shankar who is the director of the movie Ai has instructed Kabilan that the song should be written by sitting in a very high place because this is a very high song. At the time of travelling to Kodaikanal, before reaching madurai by flight, the Pallavi of the song lyrics have been finished by Kabilan. Then Shankar has said with smile that the remaining song should be written fron a high place only.  After finishing, the whole song was sent to Tamil music director A R Rahman and the song got its nice shape. After that Kabilan had been alert even at the night times without sleeping that any phone calls may come from A R Rahman to make changes in the lyrics.

One more interesting information shared by Kabilan that there is an audio song sung by Aniruth Ravichander for Ai. So sooner we can here the magical voice of Tamil music director Aniruth Ravi chander under the music of A R Rahman. 

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