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This page of Tamil cinema is for the regular updates on Tamil movie Naanum Rowdy dhan. In this movie Tamil actor Vijay Sethupathy acting with Tamil actress Nayantara under the direction of Vignesh produced by Wunderbar films.
Nayantara and Vijay Sethupathy for Naanum Rowdy dhan

Naanum Rowdy dhan update dated 28 August 2014:

Tamil actress in Naanum Rowdy Dhaan
The movie Naanum Rowdy dhan was announced to the people in a different way that the producer of the film, Tamil actor Dhanush made the announcement about this movie through his facebook account to his fans. Dhanush made the announcement with a style that first he posted the selfie photo he took with Nayantara and mentioned in the post that Nayantara is the heroin for the next movie of Wunderbar films. Then Dhanush took a selfie with actor Vijay Sethupathy and mentioned in that post that Vijay Sethupathy is the hero of that film. Then Dhanush posted the selfie he took with music director Aniruth Ravichander and posted by mentioning that this is the music director of the film. Finally Dhanush posted in face book account the name of the picture Naanum Rowdy dhan. The three words in the movie name, Naanum Rowdy dhan is a very famous dialogue in Tamil cinema that comedy actor Vadivelu used this dialogue in one of his comedy scenes earlier.

The director of the Tamil movie Naanum Rowdy dhan is Vignesh shivan who had directed Tamil movie Poda Podi in which STR and Vara Lakshmi Sarathkumar acted. Another thing is that at the time of Vijay Awards 2014, Vijay Sethupathy received an award and on the stage, he was asked if Vijay Sethupathy gets a chance to kidnap an actress of Tamil cinema, then which actress will be his choice. For that Vijay Sethupathy answered that he will do kidnap Tamil actress Nayantara. Nayantara was watching this event by sitting as a contestant of that Award function and laughing when Vijay Sethupathy said that. 

The dubbing works for Nayanthara for this movie has been done by Anjali who is the wife of Comedy actor Kottachi. 

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