28 August 2014

Tamil movie Anegan Release date

In this page of Tamil cinema, I have taken the upcoming Tamil movie Anegan to talk about. We have seen in our earlier articles of Tamil cinema that the Tamil movies Ai and Kaththi would be releasing by for the Diwali 2014. Now the team of the Tamil movie Anegan have decided to release the movie Anegan for Diwali 2014 if any delay happens for the release of Tamil movies Ai or Kaththi, then Anegan could be released for this Diwali 2014.

Tamil movie Anegan Release Date:

Tamil movie Anegan, in this movie Tamil actor Dhanush and Tamil actress Amaira have acted under the direction of Tamil cinema director K V Anand. The music for the movie Anegan has been done by Tamil cinema music director Harris Jayaraj, the producer of Anegan is A G S company with high budget. The present work on the movie Anegan is that Tamil actor Dhanush has been doing the dubbing works for the movie. The production company of the movie Anegan has been doing the final stage works on the movie to complete and make the movie ready to get released for Diwali 2014.

As the release dates for the Diwali 2014 Tamil movies Ai or Kaththi have not made any official announcements on the release of those movies. But the movie Poojai team only has announced that the movie would be released for Diwali 2014. So the production team of Tamil movie Anegan has said like, if both the movies Ai and Kaththi have not been released for Diwali 2014, then Anegan can be released as one of the Diwali 2014 releasing  Tamil movies.

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