23 August 2014

Laptop and iPad given as bribe to get U Certificate for Tamil movie Anjaaan

The viral news spreading around in the Tamil Cinema industry today is that, the head of the Central Cinema Censor board has Mr. Rakesh Kumar has got a laptop and an iPad as bribe to give U Certificate for the Tamil movie Anjaan which was released in Tamilnadu just before one week all around Tamilnadu and running in theaters. This news has been declared by CBI officers in the special court. Mr. Sarvesh Jeishwal who is one of the members of the Central Cinema discussion board and Mr. Mishra who is one of the agents have been arrensted on 14th August of this year. Based on the inquiry with the arrested guys, Mr. Rakesh Kumar was arrested on 18th August by CBI officers.
Samantha bikini in Anjaan

When the arrested guys were presented in the court, the CBI officers said that the Tamil movie Anjaan, was sent to Mr. Rakesh Kumar for censoring at 24th of July month. After receiving the film for Censoring, they have started the work on the Tamil movie only after 6 days. Then the movie has been certified and given back on 5th of August 2014. They added that Mr. Rakesh Kumar has received a laptop and an iPad for certifying the Tamil movie Anjaan. Not only for Anjaan but also they have got bribe as cash from a Telugu movie.

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