22 August 2014

Complete Story and Review of Tamil movie Anjaan

In this page of Tamil Cinema, we are going to see about the Tamil movie Anjaan in which Tamil actor Surya and Tamil actress Samantha have acted under the direction of Lingusaamy.

Cast and Crew of Tamil movie Anjaan:

Main male role of Anjaan has been done by Tamil actor Surya

Main female role is done by Tamil actress Samantha

Second hero of the movie Anjaan is Vidyut Jamwal ( acted in Tamil movie Thuppaki earlier ).

Director of movie Anjaan - Lingusaamy

Production - Thirupathi Brothers

Cinematography - Santhosh Sivan

Released by - UTV Motion pictures

Release date of Tamil movie Anjaan - 15th August 2014 ( Independence day of India )

Music - Tamil music director Yuvan Shankar Raja

Story of Tamil movie Anjaan :

The Tamil movie Anjaan starts with the scene of Surya ( Character name is Krishna ) who is physically challenged getting down from a Train at Mumbai Railway station and he gets a Taxi from the Railway station and starts searching his brother. His brother is none but Raju Bhai. The role of raju bhai in this movie is also been done by Surya himself. When start searching for Raju Bhai, Krishna comes to know that Raju bhai is the don of the Dadar area of Mumbai and he realizes the influence of Raju bhai that a small boy captures and runs, but in few seconds, the same boy comes and gives back the laptop to Krishna saying that the boy saw the photo of Raju bhai in the laptop and thats why he gets back the laptop to Krishna. Followed by that there are few scenes have been put for showing the influence of Raju bhai in the place called Dadar of Mumbai.

Then the story about Raju bhai is getting revealed by an old man who is almost a fan of Raju bhai; another 2 guys who were the friends of Raju bhai. From that story Krishna been informed about Raju bhai that Raju bhai and Vidyut Jamwal ( Character name - Chandru ) were thickest friends, doing under world businesses like smuggling in Mumbai. At a stage the Commissioner of Mumbai city targets the Rajubhai and Chandru group and trying to seize their activities. But Raju bhai kidnaps the daughter of the commissioner at the event of her Marriage ride; to stop the commissioner. The daughter of the commissioner is none but Samantha.

 Only at the time of returning Samantha back to her father, she tells Raju bhai that she doesnot have interest on this marriage and she wants to do love some one; then only to get married. After few scenes, Samantha falls in love with Raju bhai and reveals too. He does not accept it but doing some helps to her. This thing is not liked by some body who are in the group of Raju bhai and Chandru. So, Raju gets away from her for few scenes.

The villain of this film enters with a scene that he calls, both Chandru and Raju bhai for a grand party and threaten them if they dont go away from the business. After coming home from the party, Chandru gets upset totally and not sleeping for a whole day. On the same night Raju goes to the party place again and kidnaps the Villain. Then the next morning, Raju takes Chandru to the Villain and makes Chandru to scold the villain back with the same words. As the Villain is a big don of the whole Mumbai city he sets some one in the group of Chandru and Raju and plans to kill both Chandru and Raju.

In that plan, he kills Chandru using a knife and Raju gets escape in the shooting riot. Then Raju comes and seeing the dead body of Chandru and starts to go and kill the villain by taking a man from his group to drive the car. On the way, the driver stops the car and shoots Raju twice on chest and Raju falls in a river. This is how the flash back ends that Krishna being told by an old man and the men from the group of Chandru and Raju. On the next scene, the same guy who shoot Raju twice meets Krishna and start insulting Krishna, at the end of the conversation, Krishna changes his physique into Raju bhai and kills the culprit and reveals the audience that Raju bhai is not dead and he came to investigate who killed Chandru with the name of Krishna.

Then did Raju bhai killed all his enemies including the main villain of the film or not? What happened to Samantha love is the remaining story of Anjaan.

Review of Tamil movie Anjaan:

Over all, the first half of the movie can be seen without getting bored if we could forget about the old Tamil don movies like Baasha, Jana, Thalaivaa etc., But the second half of the movie runs with boring scenes that most of the scenes could be guessed by the audience apparently. Surya has worked hard for this movie and has done many adventurous movements especially in the fighting scenes. Even though Tamil actress Samantha is hidden in the second half of the movie she has done her best in all the frames she peeps into. Tamil music director Yuvan Shankar Raja's work is fair int his film when comparing his old films like Billa, Paiyaa etc.,

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