Tamil movie Jigardhanda - Over view

Tamil movie Jigarthada 
In this page of Tamil cinema we shall look about one of the most awaited movies for this friday namely Jigardhanda in which Tamil actor Sidhardh has acted in the lead role under the direction of Karthik Subbu Raj. We shall see some important and interesting factors about this movie here.

Release date of Tamil movie Jigarthanda - 01st August 2014.

Total time of playing of Jigarthanda movie - 2 hours and 51 minutes

The director of the movie Jigarthanda is a well known director with his debut movie namely Pizza. The movie Pizza was remade in bollywood could be mentioned here.

Casts and Crew of Tamil movie Jigarthanda:

Lead male role has been done by Tamil actor Sidharth

Lead role in female ( heroin ) has been done by Tamil actress Lakshmi Menon

Bobby Simha and Karunakaran have done other major roles in this movie under the direction of Karthik Subbu Raj.

Name of Producer of Tamil movie Jigarthanda is Kathiresan

Music director of Tamil movie Jigarthanda - Santhosh Narayana

Distribution of Tamil movie Jigarthanda work is done by Sun Pictures and this thing can be an advantage of this movie.

Audio release date of Tamil movie Jigarthanda - 03rd March 2014

One of the mostly spoken controversies about the movie Jigarthanda is about the release date. Tamil movie Jigarthanda's release date was postponed few times and at the very last time of the postponing, Tamil actor Sidharth had got emotion and he made a twitter message with the following text. Sorry Jigarthanda fans. External unfair pressure is forcing our film to be postponed. Karthik, our whole team and I worked really hard for Jigarthanda. With no respect for us, without even discussing it with us, it is postponed. Paper ads with theaters list till Tuesday for a Friday release and then this happens and is Heartbreaking. The producer has personally informed other producers and distributors about the postponement but he has not informed us yet. Who ever you are who aided in this dirty game, you can delay us you cannot stop us. A good film cannot be killed. All lovers of cinema, please support Karthik & our team. Whenever our film releases it needs all your help. We are helpless today.

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