26 July 2014

Complete Story of Tamil movie Kalpana House

                                                    Kalpana House Movie produced by R.Nagarajan,it was made in 2014,this movie more horror based movie, It more excited to watch from start to end of this film, Same movie produced in Malayalam in 1990s.The film given more influence in Malayalam industry .Kalpana house movie rerecording in kart hick studio.(Prasad Colour Lab)The Story is complete based on graveyard.One night the group of friend meet in one place, speak each other suddenly one girl deny to speak more on that place ,she walk away on their place, she stand nearby tree, screw the nails into the tree,next morning she was murderer. Police came there to seen the incident ,And investigate the boyfriends about the matter.
 The story taken under the police officer cheat the lover, Lover became ghost,

The police officer married with two children one daughter and son, Police officer very busy initial of this story we learn’t,He found the rowdies in rock mountain, And shoot them one by one, he do successfully on that occasion, after finish the duty he would came home to see his wife, she was very angry for delay coming to home on that day, because children have leave from the school, they would like to enjoy the leave, Police officer came to homeland he pacify his wife  angry sense. After long time she will pacify for husband speak, She told him “I want to go vacation,ok we go tomorrow ,Tomorrow morning wife and husband escort to kalpana house to spend a time their ,which it special is beautiful swimming pool and large backyard ,which it have more landscape to enjoy, In that house the one female steward and other male steward ,both are husband and wife, Female steward welcome the family to home, someone knock the door with aggressive manner, police officer wife is very panic on that stage, she will open the door, she saw the man with surprise face, finally it was none other the male steward, Her husband example her don’t afraid he is steward ,steward wife give plat of rice to her husband ,he consummation  the food with displeased manner, he took by her wife to garden to eat their. the two teenage children enjoy each other, one day the want to see mirror to comb the long hair, he did see the face of ghost in the mirror suddenly turn back to see the chair, which is ghost hanging in the spring chair, But in chair know one sit their which he could seen in the mirror, he was very surprise for that appearance, he run away from their room. Police officer wife frequently threaten by  soul of the lady, she could felt it.

Police officer not believe of suspicious of wife afraid, one day police wife taken a key to open the abandoned house, she try to open the gate but she could not make it ,something interrupted the function, she get fear of it, she ran back to home with fear, and next day she opened the gate with large key which is get by the male steward. she enter inside the house there was a spider nets and more thing ugly, she was threaten by ghost and again she ran to the home, one day she went away with her husband, and get back to that night, Her went inside the home, but she could not because forgot it parse, and she it in her husband van and get back to home she enter into home, did lock by someone, but definitely she did not it was fear and surprise to her.she told her husband, he don’t taken serious consideration on that point. One night time the boy and girl speaking with each other with eat chips,

 The boy challenge the sister I can able to jump here to swimming pool, But girl was not realize, Because she believe he is not able to, suddenly jump into swimming, everyone surprise on that occasion, He mother came out see what happen it, The boy jump into water let not come out, finally the came out of the water everyone surprise of it. Police officer walk to near graveyard and get some threaten get back to home with panic. Police wife and her friend talk with phone about the incidents happen to her, her friend give a idea that was to superior power of swami, one who identify the ghost, Both are willing to the meet swami and they meet to told about the issue that facing ,swami accept to visit the home regard of this matter, Next night swami came to home, he could felt something bad spiritual inside the home, he willing to start the pray and he could as quickly the air rush strongly to home, Girl was stuck with outside of home, she taken by ghost and killed hanged in to tree branch,Mother ran and saw her .she was murder by soul, she told her husband can you understand something bad spiritual in the frighten our family. He believe there on,

Flash back:

                   Police officer had serious relation with beautiful lady, one they were in romance and came to home to take rest, police officer to get sex with her, But she could not with steady sense, she drink alcoholic to much on that night, police officer try to get sex here, he do so, next she recommend the sex relation, she realize to get marry with police officer, she insist him to get marry me. but police deny the enforcement statement, one night she is taken the petroleum oil put into the body call the police officer,she if you don’t marry I will blaze myself, But I have had idea which made the water flash into her body to invalidate peritoneum.But Unfortunately it blaze on her body, Police officer and steward try to off the fire with bed shed, but It could not rescue at the moment, Finally girl was bit of life, she said don’t marry other than me if you do I will not leave ordinary, and she leave a last breath, Both police officer and steward took a body to backyard near to the graveyard, the Graveyard already dug so, Both are hardly try to open the graveyard slab finally they did it, and taken the dead body to kept into inside graveyard bin, and close it. Police officer wife call her friend to said the matter happen again in our house, she took her to spiritual swami to discuss about it, both are went their and discuss about to swami, 

Her friend waiting so long period with nearby car, wife and friend came their and told the matter to her husband,Husband decide to go there, he stand near to graveyard bin ,he and friends son decide to open the graveyard bin, one who kept the dead body her open it with hard try, he took the sketch with own hands, He took and throw it away, But it won’t normal, Soul comes into body. It act terrible on that occasion, he try to blaze the fire to police officer wife instead of sketch, Her son fight with the man to get rid to flare the fire in to mom body, Both are fight very hard, finally the boy past the petroleum into stretch flare it, Man become normal, Man appreciate the boy courage, pat the shoulders for brave act on that occasion. This is the story I observe,

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