Complete Story and Review of Tamil movie Velai Illa Pattadhaari

In this page of Tamil cinema we are going to have a glance about one of the Super hit Tamil movies Velai Illa Pattadhaari which is the 25th movie of Tamil actor Dhanush. We shall have a look at the core story, Cast and Crew and the complete movie review of Vaelai Illapattathari. Before going to the review of the movie, we shall see about the Cast and Crew of the movie.

Cast and Crew of Tamil movie Velai Illa Pattadhaari:

Male lead role - Tamil actor Dhanush

Female lead role - Tamil actress Amala Paul

Director - Tamil cinema director Velraj

Music - Tamil Music Director Anirudh Ravichander

Release date of Tamil movie Velaiyilla Pattathari - July 18th 2014

Production - Wunderbar Films ( owned by Tamil actor Dhanush )

Lyrics for the movie Velaiyilla Pattathari is done by Dhanush.

Complete Story of Tamil movie Velaiyilla Pattathari:

The story of the movie Velaiyilla Pattathari starts with the character of Dhanush that the character name of Dhanush in this movie is Raguvaran, he has an younger brother namely Karthik, his father role is done by Tamil actor Samudhrakani and the mother role is done by actress Saranya Pon Vannan. Dhanush is an engineering degree holder and looking for a job for four years. Most of the first one hour of the movie is showing only around this situation only. Later on the introduction scene for the heroin of the movie Amala Paul comes stating that she is a girl earns 2 lakhs per month and looking fair.

Followed by many comic scenes, a serious scene comes in the movie that Dhanush going for a job that he doesnot like at all for a single month and earning 50000 rs in the plan of gifting an iPhone for Amala Paul. but unfortunately the brother of Dhanush loses 40000 rs and asking for help to Dhanush by crying, so dhanush gives 40000 rs to his brother. Knowing this matter, father of Dhanush scolds Dhanush severely and the mother of Dhanush beats him too. As the scene creates, at a stage, Saranya Pon Vannan dies by a heart attack. After interval, Dhanush gets a job in the engineering department he learnt, and starting a construction project given to him. He himself is looking after all the steps of the construction project from Tender coding upto the end of the project as an engineer.

In that engineering project, Dhanush faces troubles coming through the opponent company of the construction company he works for. The remaining story of the movie lies on how Dhanush faces all the problems created by the opponent company Managing director.

Complete Review of Tamil movie Velaiyilla Pattathari:

This movie can be called as a complete entertainer as each and every scene of the movie runs in high speed. Director of this movie Velraj has a big back ground that he has worked with big cinema directors as a cinematographer. So the direction is also a big strength of the movie. Then the music of this movie which is done by Anirudh Ravichander has come well and making the audience to stand and dance in the theaters. Dhanush and other artists of the movie have acted well in this movie. Surprisingly Tamil actor Samudhrakani who has been acting as in the hero role has come over and acted in this movie taking up the father role of Dhanush.

Then Tamil actress Surabhi who has acted the heroin role in Tamil cinema has also done a side role in this movie giving color to the screen. Over all, the Tamil movie Velai illa Pattathari is a nice time pass movie for all kind of audiences. 

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