Basic Story and Review of Tamil movie Sarabham

 In this page of Tamil cinema we are going to see about the Tamil movie Sarabham with the sub titles, Casts and Crew, Basic story and the complete review of Sarabham. We shall see Cast and Crew and the story of the film before going to the review of the movie.
Tamil movie Sarabham

Cast and Crew of Tamil movie Sarabham:

Main male role ( hero ) of the movie - Tamil actor Naveen Chandra

Main female role ( heroin ) of the movie - Tamil actress Salony Luthra

Other main role of this movie has been done by Aadukalam Naren

Director of Tamil movie Sarabham - Arun Mohan

Producer of Tamil movie Sarabham - C V Kumar

Music director of Taail movie Sarabham - Britto Michael

Lyrics for the songs of the movie Sarabham are written by Kurinji Prabha and GKB

Story of the Tamil movie Sarabham:

Earlier there was a big trend in Tamil cinema that the movies taken with average budget with a story of violence and quarrels will get succeed in the box office. But now the trend has been changed into the cheating and Gambling after the movies like Soodhu Kavvum, Sadhuranga Vettai. By that line, in the Tamil movie Sarabham, Naren is one of the biggest business men and he has been approched by Naveen Chandra for a big construction project. As Naren is in anger on his own daughter, he refuses to take the approach of Naveen Chandra. At that situation, Naveen decides to throw stones on  the house of Naren. But unexpectedly Naveen sees the daughter of Naren running out from her house.

The daughter of Naren is Shaloni who runs out from the house due to her anger on her father, asks Naveen to give her a place to stay in his house for a single day and Naveen allows for that. On that night, Naveen and Shaloni makes a plan to tell Naren as if his daughter has been kidnapped by Naveen to demand money from Naren. With that plan Naveen and Shaloni get 3 crores of money from Naren. When Naveen drops Shaloni at Naren's house and comes back to his house, he gets a shock through news that Shaloni has been killed by someone.

Naveen gets peak level shock by that news and even before getting up from the shock, Naren comes to the house of Naveen with Shaloni. with this the first half of Tamil movie Sharabham ends. The remaining half moves on how Shaloni dead and did Naveen get money or not?

Review on Tamil movie Sarabham:

The heroin of the movie Sarabham is looking stunning with look and she has acted boldly in the scenes of smoking and drinking without hesitation. Apart from her, Naveen has not have big scope in this movie even his acting in the climax does not make any big attack on the audience.The acting of Naren is good in this movie also as usual. Back ground music might have been better too.

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