02 June 2014

Complete Review of Tamil movie Kochadaiyaan

In this page of Tamil Cinema, we are going to see about the Tamil movie Kochadaiyaan in which Tamil actor Rajni and actress Deepika Padukone have acted under the direction of Soundarya Rajnikanth.

We always have a great expectation for rajini movies and what we expect is complete perfection. But this movie isn't completely perfect but a very success movie for a very first brave attempt into entering in the world of animation. There are flaws here and there and what I really miss over all is Tamil Actor Rajnikanth style in the animation character and punch dialogues. There is a song full of rajini dialogues but not like his usual punch dialogues which gets great applause in the theater.Happy to see Tamil Actor Nagesh again though. So it gives me the hope to see all the legendary characters back again through these animation movies.

Complete Story of Tamil movie Kochadaiyaan :

This movie plot happens during 8 th century between two kingdoms "kottaipattinam" and "kalingapuri". The story is about the army commander kochadaiiyann in kottaipattinam which was ruled by maharaja rishikodagan(Tamil Actor Nasser) and his younger son Rana. One day while kochadaiiyann is returning to kottaipatinam after buying horses and ammunition for his army, he was attacked by the kalingapuri forces. Even though he forgive them after defeating them, they poisoned their food which almost left most of them seriously ill. To save their lives, kochadaiiyann went to kalingapuri raja "mahendra"(jackie shroff).He accepted to save his life by demanding him to leave everyone with him. Kochadaiyaan has no option left to save his army men life and he just did what mahendra demanded. But once he returned to kottaipattinam, the already jealous maharaja executed him. Kochadaiiyann gave his sword to sena , his elder son to protect the kingdom and maharaja.

The story begins with rana and how he become a trusted warrior in kalingapuri and betrayed them to get kottaipatinam soldiers back. By this act he created an enemy for himself who is none other than maharaja son Veera(aadhi). Once he come back to kottaipatinam, he found about his sisters yamuna( rukmini vijayakumar ) love with maharaja son sengodagan( sarath kumar) . He gets them married with maharaja compliance but however he let his son down by abdicating the throne from him. So sengodagan and Yamuna left the kingdom. 

Rana got caught while taking revenge to kill mahendra. In the mean while mahendra arranged the marriage between his daughter vadhana(deepika padukone) who is already in love with rana since childhood to kalingapuri prince Veera. However rana comes up and there comes the climax.

Tamil movie Kochadaiyaan Review:

Kochadaiiyann wife yaahavi( shobana) had a little role and she was announced dead later.Sengodagan and his wife Yamuna left the kingdom and never came back. Nagesh who is the maternal uncle for Rana too played a very little role. Sena just showed up in the climax. I am expecting kochadaiiyann 2 for complete satisfaction. Songs are good but didn't have that tempo as a Tamil actor Rajini movie. Overall the film is good and really a wonderful entertainer for Tamil Acor Rajini fans. This movie is really a big milestone in tamil cinema industry as this is the first motion capture photo-realistic 3D animated film from India!!!

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