Tamil actress Trisha participated in a controversial event conducted by Raja Pakshe

Tamil Actress Trisha Krishnan
It was decided not to go and participate in any events happening in the country Sri Lanka by all the Tamil actors and actresses. Even the music events also have been prohibited by the Tamil play back singers recently for the same reason. There are many objections have been getting raised opposing who and all participating in the events in Sri Lanka regardless of Tamil actors / Tamil actresses or music related guys from the Tamil cinema industry.

Additionally the Tamil cinema artists have been avoiding the programs those are conducted by Mahindra Raja Pakshe who is the president of Sri Lanka country as there are belief that some war crime happened in Sri Lanka before a couple of years. But the latest buzz here we are going to see is that Tamil actress Trisha has participated in a program which was conducted by Mahindra Raja Bakshe in the country Canada.

That controversial program has happened in Canada recently and the Tamil associations has conducted this program. But there are comments about the association conducted this event that the association is closely related with the Sri Lankan president Raja Pakse and the name of that association is Daklus Devananda and their members. Tamil actress Trisha has participated in this event as a special guest. This thing has been objected strongly by the Tamil associations.

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