08 April 2014

Tamil Actress Amala Paul going to marry Vijay !!!

Tamil actress Amala Paul with director vijay
Tamil Cinema director has directed the Tamil cinemas namely Deiva Thiru Magal; Thaandavam and Thalaiva. Director Vijay is none other than the son of one of the Tamil cinema producers Mr. A L Azhagappan. There were lot of gossips going by joining director vijay and Tamil actress Amala Paul. But there was no single comment or announcement either from the director Vijay side or from Tamil actress Amala Paul side so far.

But all of a sudden, there is an announcement about this affair between Amala Paul and Vijay from Tamil actress Amala Paul side today. The complete announcement done by Amala Paul about her real life love is as follows,

Dear All;

I wish to announce all my media friends about my future plans with director Vijay once he arrives from his trip abroad. Until then I request the media friends to wait for authenticated reports on me, Director vijay an dour future.

Thank you;
Amala Paul.

Director Vijay is directing Tamil movie Saivam now in which Tamil actor Nasser, son of Nasser have acted. the announcement of Tamil actress Amala Paul about her love with Vijay has given a vibration to the Tamil cinema industry.

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