Complete Interview of Tamil actor Super Star Rajnikanth with Tamil actor Vivek

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In this page of, we shall look about the special recent interview of Tamil actor Super Star Rajnikanth which was conducted by Tamil actor Vivek for the Television channel namely Jaya TV and this interview was telecast. In this interview Rajnikanth has talked openly about many things including answers for the questions, Has Rajnikanth forgiven his enemies? personnel life of Rajnikanth, Cinema industrial life of Rajnikanth, Spiritual life of Rajnikanth, Fans of Rajnikanth etc., The question and answers placed in the interview are as follows; we shall remember that all the questions asked and mentioned below are asked by Tamil actor Vivek and all the answers given by Rajnikanth. Now we shall go for the minutes of the interview;

Question : ( by Vivek )

There is a song sung in one of the movies of you is with the lines; Change never changes, like that song have you ever forgiven your enemies?

Answer ( Rajnikanth ):

Ha Ha Ha.. I have forgiven many. There is a great joy and proud in forgiving anyone.

Question ( By vivek )

There is a lot of youngsters being slave for the smoking habit. What is your advice for those youngsters?

Answer by Rajnikanth:

All the habits must be in control else the habit would become killer habit. So please dont become addict for any habit particularly Smoke. 

Question by Vivek :

You are the one who introduced the punch dialogue. There are many artists started speaking punch dialogues. What is the favorite among the punch dialogues you have spoken?

Answer by Rajnikanth :

How is it? - This is my favorite and this dialogue was spoken in the Tamil movie Padhinaaru Vayadhinile. This dialogue was written by Kalai Mani. I like this dialogue very much. All credits must go to the directors only. 

Vivek asked Rajnikanth to say that punch dialogue again for the viewers right then.

Rajinkanth also said the dialogue "Idhu Epdi Irukku" and finished the interview.

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