Tamil movie Nimirndhu Nil - Casts and Crew, Complete Story and Review

In this page of www.tamilcinemabio.blogspot.com, we shall look about the Tamil movie Nimirndhu Nil in detailed with the sub titles, Casts and Crew, Complete Story and the complete Review of the movie Nimirndhu Nil.
Tamil cinema Nimirnthu Nil

Cast and Crew in Tamil movie Nimirndhu Nil:

Hero - Tamil actor Jayam Ravi

Heroin - Tamil Actress Amala Paul

Comedian - Parota Soori

Music director - G. V. Prakash Kumar

Director - P . Samuthirakani

Producer - K. S. Sreenivsan and K. S. Siva Raman

Complete Story of Tamil movie Nimirndhu Nil:

The basic story line of the Tamil cinema Nimirndhu Nil is very simple If we the people of India has changed and live life without paying any bribe, then the whole country will get automatically changed with zero corruption, and no need to be blaming the Government employees that they are getting bribe and thats the reason for India being a nation with corruption.

With this strong story line the movie is screened by showing the consequent things happening in the life of a common man in a single day and how he is suffering due to the negligence of the public. That common man is Jayam Ravi in the character name Aravind that he has been taught about all the truthful things in his school and college days like how to be honest, how to be without speaking lies, how to be with discipline etc., Soon after he comes out of the college life he is facing many things in the out side world simply contrast than the things he learnt in his academic period. One day he structs in traffic due to a quarrel between 2 guys in the middle of road. When all other people who struck in traffic keeping quite, Aravind role of Jayam Ravi goes and asks those two quarreling guys and they tear his shirt. Even after seeing this incident, none speaks anything and keeping quite and waiting for the quarrel to come to an end in the traffic. There are some more similar kind of scenes to show how the public is affecting the mind of a common man who trusts that he can apply and use all things he learnt in his schools and colleges in the real life and getting shock soon after coming out of the academic level.

On the other hand Tamil actress Amala Paul is falling in love with Jayam Ravi and she proposes him to get agreed. Then Jayam Ravi faces many problems like the traffic jam scene and he has been taken to a police case even though he doesnot have any relation with the police case. Because of the straight forward character of him, he is facing soul threatening at a stage, getting beaten up by a gang too. After facing all these, how the Aravind character is coming up again and changing the whole society towards anti corruption by attempting to do changes in themselves to change the whole society is the remaining story of the Tamil movie Nimirndhu Nil.

Tamil Cinema Nimirndhu Nil Complete Review:

As the story line of the movie is a strong one and the screen play is helping it, this is a nice movie to watch. Jayam Ravi has dual role in this movie, one is a common man with soft nature and other one is a rough and tough character with the character name Reddy who is very energetic and Jayam Ravi has scored in the both of his characters of the movie. Especially in the climax scene, he has done great expressions in his face and gives soul to the scene. This movie can be another notable movie for Jayam Ravi is truth.

Tamil actress Amala Paul has got a bit of performance oriented role in this movie that she is not coming only for love scenes and songs but also her role is traveling with the story of the movie. Especially in a scene she is getting the sympathy of all the audience when she is getting beaten by a mob using a steel axe.  Then the comedian of the movie Soori has also not only the comedian role but also the role of the friend of Jayam Ravi and doing the character role too. Music is good with the work of G. V. Prakash Kumar.

This is a worth seeing movie in theaters that it will resemble with most of the Tamilnadu youngsters who learnt and grow up in Tamilnadu educational system.

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