Tamil Movie Cuckoo Complete Story and Review

Tamil movie Cuckoo
In this page of www.tamilcinemabio.blogspot.com we are going to see glance about the Tamil movie Cuckoo with the sub titles, Casts and Crew, Complete story and Review as a fan of Tamil Cinema.

Casts and Crew of Tamil movie Cuckoo:

Hero - Tamil actor Attakathi Dinesh - Character name : Thamizh
Heroin - Tamil actress Malavika Nair - Character name - Sudhandhira Kodi
Director - Raju Murugan
Music director of Tamil movie Cuckoo - Santhosh Narayan
Lyrics - Yuga Bharathi; Gaana Bala

Complete Story of Tamil movie Cuckoo:

As the director had revealed before the release date of the movie Cuckoo, the story of the movie is based on a real story.The movie starts with the director Raju Murugan himself that he becomes a director after working for a news press for years. When he works for media he comes across a blind man namely Thamizh and hears about his love story which is incomplete. After many years Raju Murugan sees a road side notice paper saying that blind man Thamizh is missing. Then Raju Murugan starts telling the story to us the audience.

Thamizh is an impaired man with his both eyes and he does not have eye sight from birth. He works as a stage singer and living his life happily with his friends and helping others. At the scenes when showing about Thamizh role, there are funny scenes coming by exposing the talents of stage performers. Then the story moves to the role of Sudhandhira Kodi who is also impaired with eyes with good introduction scene. Sudhandhira Kodi is a college going girl and aiming to marry the guy who has eye sight and she expects him to be a good friend for her too. By that way she finds such a man and falls in single side love with him. But that man is already in love with other girl and imagining Sudhandhira Kodi as only a good friend.

After coming to know about the guy's love, Sudhandhira Kodi getting vexed and then later she comes to know about the love of Thamizh on her. Initially she rejects the love of Thamizh saying her ambition is now to look after her career only. Later the true love of Thamizh getting felt by Sudhandhira Kodi and both of them start living happily. On the other hand the brother of Sudhandhira Kodi is looking for getting a job for Sudhandhira Kodi and to make money from her. For that the brother of Sudhandhira Kodi is giving bribe of Rs 3 lakhs to a man and getting a government job for Sudhandhira Kodi.

Tamil movie Cuckoo stills
For giving that 3 lakhs he gets assist from his friend financially and for that he promising that friend that he will give Sudhandhira Kodi for marrying him. When the brother of Sudhandhira Kodi is telling about his promise to his frined to Sudhandhira Kodi, she tells about her love with Thamizh to her brother. Soon after knowing the love of Thamizh with Sudhandhira Kodi, her brother is asking her to give back the money 3 lakhs and she calls Thamizh and asks him to arrange for the money. Thamizh is arranging money from his friends.

Now, Did Thamizh transferred the big money to the brother of Sudhandhira Kani being an impaired man. What happens to Sudhandhira Kani by her brother? What are the struggles faced by Thamizh on the way to Sudhandhira Kani house with money? did the get success with their love or not? are the remaining story of the Tamil movie Cuckoo.

Review of Tamil movie Cuckoo:

Role of Tamil actor Attakathi dinesh in the Tamil movie Cuckoo:

Attakathi Dinesh has got one of the remarkable roles in this movie among the movies in his career. He has done his part by acting as an original impaired man in this movie. His appearance in this movie is with the face with imposition ed eye balls which is a tough thing to do. Especially at the climax scene of the movie, Attakathi Dinesh has done his level best by acting with physically struggling works at the railway station that he is hitting with adjacent objects vigorously.

Role of Tamil actress Malavika Nair in the Tamil movie Cuckoo:

Malavika Nair has made her debut with this movie and she looks like an experienced actress with the challenging role handled well. We the audience could feel like Malavika Nair could be a real impaired girl with eyes as she is a new face to the Tamil cinemas. To tell in particular, in that restaurant scene when Malavika Nair comes to know that her love with a non impaired man getting failed she has scored with her nice acting performance.

Tamil movie Cuckoo - Review :

Tamil movie Cuckoo is a movie to watch in short and crisp words. The director has taken one paragraph story from his real life and then mixed various cinematic screen play from his different non predictable screen play. When we see about the screen play of the movie, the scenes have been framed with the different sense getting away from the normal Tamil cinema, that as a story about the impaired persons love, the Tamil audience may expect the other roles than the impaired person would be negative that they may try to abuse the impaired girl in different way as the Sudhandhira Kodi role is a fair impaired girl and the screen play makes the audience to expect the brother of Sudhandhira Kodi and his friend to kill the Thamizh role at the time of asking Thamizh to forget Sudhandhira Kodi.

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