16 March 2014

Tamil Actor STR Simbu says he doesnot like to act in Cinemas anymore!!

Tamil actor young Super star STR Simbu has spoken openly in an interview for the Television Pudhu Yugam in the program, Natchathira Jannal which has been anchored by one of the famous Tamil actresses Sangeetha. In this page of www.tamilcinemabio.blogspot.com, we shall have a glance about that open talk of Simbu about his personnel life, career including his words, as if he does not like to act in cinemas any more because of some reasons.

Tamil actor STR Simbu - Silambarasan Interview

Tamil Actor STR Simbu says he doesnot like to act in Cinemas anymore!!

Tamil actor Simbu has said as follows in that open talked interview for the Channel Pudhu Yugam saying, Simbu has been in various sections of the Tamil cinema like acting, singing, direction and other sections. When Simbu works for some cinemas he feels that he should have not learnt Tamil cinema itself.  As Simbu had known about the Tamil Cinema earlier he had predicted about the comics and mistakes going on here. Nowadays Simbu doesnot like to act in any kind of cinemas anymore and thinking of doing something else than Cinema. Also Tamil actor STR Simbu added that he has put a circle around him and being inside.

Simbu added that he thought of doing so many cinemas in his career and to become like Super Star Rajini kanth. But after the 29th age of Simbu he looks the life different and after seeing everything in the Cinema he wants to do something else than Cinema. He wants to do something more than Cinema in the world. He also added that nowadays he does not like money too. He thinks that the money is getting humanity away, even the good people are getting bad people for money too, Society is getting worse nowadays, Truthfulness is lost, jealous getting increased. The only reason behind all these is the money and he thinks the world should not have money anymore.

Tamil actor STR Simbu said that some important scenes of Tamil movie Vaalu has got over and song sequences are remaining after that he has the Tamil movie under Pandi Raj direction is ready to get started, then he has a Tamil movie under the direction of Tamil cinema director Gautham Menon and Tamil cinema director Selva Raghavan. Tamil cinema actor Simbu has mentioned his friends name in the Tamil cinema industry as follows, his best friend is Tamil cinema music director Aniruth Ravi Chander, the the next one if Tamil cinema comedy actor Premji amaran and he has mentioned that he do call Tamil actress Trisha when ever he feels sad as she is a friend of him.

Also Tamil actor STR Silambarasan revealed that here after if anyone one asks him like he is the next Super Star in Tamil cinema, he would say no as he has come far away from those desires and going to do acting in the Tamil cinema only as one of the duties he has to do in his life He added that he is not going to worry about the hit or flop of his films hereafter too. Also Simbu has spoken about Tamil actor Dhanush that he is not seeing Dhanush as a competitor for him as he is looking Dhanush as a man who is doing his work fine only.

Also his desire is going to make as one of the role models for the future youngsters and not to become like Super star Rajnikanth or Micheal jackson. Also he has expressed that he feels blessed to get his family. simbu has said that if he was born in any other family he would have faced many troubles. His family is standing with him what ever happens.

About the Marriage of Tamil actor STR Simbu:

When Tamil actor Simbu talked about his marriage he has said as follows, even he himself does not know that will he get married or not. He said that he takes right decision in many things but if he is able to take right decision on all occations he would become the god and he has taken right decision except the love as in love, only heart works not the brain. I am crazy to look, for that I cant be sit idle by not doing anything. None can control me except the god. If one knows how to control me its easy for them to handle that I can be controlled only with affection and not for anything else.

He added that " I have been alone so far upto now with my age 30 and I have not felt for that loneliness as I had my sister Ilakiya with me and now she is married I was crying the whole day when she left in car to Hyderabad. My face got swollen, due to that all shootings get cancelled. To talk about my marriage, my future wife should be just like a girl and nowadays girls are not even behaving like girls and doing like boys. I just need a girl who says she needs Simbu only and standing with me what ever happens" .

About the Rumors about Tamil actor STR Simbu:

There are many things written about me, and I got to open mouth that as most of the letters used there are lies and wrong statements. Since that, who are with me getting affected, for an example Tamil actress Andrea Jeremiah acted only one day with me and they have written as if I have gone with her. I scared to agree and act with Tamil actress Nayantara again thinking that they will write more on us. The director of the movie requested and I agreed she also did the same. Now we have been acting together. If I open Twitter, there also some one finding faults, I just dont know whether they dont have other works.
Tamil actors Simbu and Dhanush together

Myself and Dhanush know each other on how to recognize each other. But that thing is not with the upcoming actors, and they do think themselves some thing else. I like Tamil actor Vijay Sethupathy now, he is a sensible man and not behaving as if walking upside down.

Finally Simbu ended the speech with a kind advice to his haters that they may not waste their time by writing bad about him and to do any useful work they have. He also expressed that his most respectable asset after his parents are his fans as tehy are still like Simbu even though there are no Tamil cinema released with Simbu acting for the past 2 years. 

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