27 March 2014

Problem in the release of Tamil cinema Inam ( Ceylon )

Tamil movie Inam ( Ceylon )
Followed by the complaint about the Tamil cinema Inam ( Ceylon ) that the movie has been taken against the Tamil race, there are new conflicts raised against the release of the movie which is under the direction of one of the very famous national award winning Cinematographer Sathosh Sivan. The casts and crew of the Tamil cinema Inam carries Tamil actor Karunas, Tamil actress Saritha and others. The production banner of the cinema is the Thirupathi brothers which is the production company of Tamil cinema director Lingusamy. After planning to the release date of the movie Inam, this new puzzle has come for the movie.

The premier show the movie Inam was screened in Chennai before few days. Many of Tamil race intents and VIP's including the Tamil cinema famous director Gautham Vasudev Menon participated in this premier show. Many of the viewers who saw the premier show of the movie Inam have said that the complete movie has been taken by opposing the Tamilian Race. At this situation, Mr. Kolathur Mani who is from the Thandhai Periyar Association has filed a complaint to the Chennai Police Commissioner staging that the Tamil movie Inam should be banned getting released in the theaters as the whole movie has been taken against the Tamilian race. Kolathur Mani has added in the complaint that if the movie Inam is released in the theaters, then there will be demonstration conducted in front of the theaters.

Then there was a discussion made in the Tamil cinema directors association. In that discussion, the directors have talked as follows; we also have the concern feelings about the Tamil race. Where ever there is a problem for the Tamilians, the first voice shall be raised by the Tamil cinema directors association only. We did struggles when the water problem came between Tamilnadu and Karnatka state. We went upto Rameshwaram for making struggles when the Sri Lankan Tamil problem came. There is no single shot as demonstrating against the Tamil race anywhere in the movie Inam and the movie is only for the Tamil race only. If a movie is getting banned even after the censor board gives Tax free then there is no chance for them to watch this movie. It is our duty to protect the production banner of the movie as it is produced by the association members.

They have also added that, if this kind of bans are entertained then the movie making rights would be plugged off. Banning the movies should not become as a continuing story like how happened for the Tamil movie vishwaroopam. Inam is one of the movies should reach the globe. They have finished the discussion by requesting the Tamilnadu government on not banning the movie Inam and for allowing release of the movie.

Now it has become a question mark rose that whether the Tamil movie Inam get released or not.

Shall wait and see.

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