Tamil Movie Kadhir Velan Kadhal - complete Review and Story

Tamil movie Idhu Kadhir Velan Kadhal
In this page of Tamil cinema page we shall look about one of the latest Tamil movies namely Idhu Kadhir Velan Kadhal which has got high expectations due to the banner and star level of the movie existing. So here we shall see the up and downs of the movie, story line and the stars performances. Before going to those topics, we shall look about the Casts and Crew of the movie Kadhir Velan Kadhal.

Casts and Crew of Tamil cinema Idhu Kadhir Velan Kaadhal:

Hero - Tamil actor Udhaiya Nidhi Stalin
Heroin - Tamil actress Nayantara

Comedian - Tamil comedy actor Santhanam
Then Tamil actress Chaya Singh, actress Saranya, actor Sundar Ramu and others have acted in this movie.
Director - S. R. Prabhakar
Producer - Udhaiya Nidhi Stalin
Music director - Harris Jaya Raj
Lyrics written by Yuga Bharathi and Thaamarai

Basic story of Tamil cinema Idhu Kadhir Velan Kadhal:

In this movie Udhaiya Nidhi Stalin has acted with the character name of Kadhir Velan the son of Naren. Udhaiya Nidhi stalin has acted as an Aanjaneya bakthan. There are some problems going on with the life of sister ( Tamil actress Chaya Singh ) of Udhaiya nidhi stalin who did the love marriage against their father. So, Udhaiya Nidhi comes to Coimbatore for solving the problem. The character of Tamil actress Nayantara is living in the opposite house. Even after Chaya Singh warns Udhaiya Nidhi Stalin not to see just only that opposite house girl ( Nayantara ), Udhaiya Nidhi Stalin sees Nayantara.

The character of Tamil comedy actor Santhaanam in this movie is the friend of Udhaiya Nidhi stalin. On the other hand, actor Sundar Ramu is attempting to impress Nayantara. With this back ground, the remaining story of the cinema Kadhir Velan Kadhal towards how Udhaiya Nidhi Stalin impresses Nayantara.

Review of Tamil movie Idhu Kadhir Velan Kadhal:

 Even though it is a full fledged comedy based movie, the good thing is there is no TASMAC scenes or any allergic scenes only for making the audiences laugh.Then this movie is an important movie for Udhaiya Nidhi stalin to prove himself as an actor and for the director to prove after his first movie Sundara Pandian. The acting of Udhaiya Nidhi stalin in this movie can be recognized with this movie highly as he has done a good acting performance with this movie.

Even though Nayantara is a great actress, she does not have that much scope Nayantara has made her presence in this movie added pleasure value on the screens. In some scenes the seniority of Nayantara is peeping. As usual, Santhaanam made his part good and bearing the shots on his shoulders with his nice comedy sense. Still we could feel some thing lagging with his single line punches in this movie. Each and every stars of the movie have acted well and good and catching making the audiences. The music is nice to hear, but the songs are making us to get bored as they are coming frequently.

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