Love story of Tamil actor STR Silambarasan ( Simbu ) and Tamil actress Hansika Motwani

Tamil actor Simbu hugging Hansika
In this page of, we shall see about the love story between Tamil actor Simbu and Tamil actress Hansika Motwani. The love story between Simbu and Hansika begun in the shooting of the Tamil movie Vaalu. In the beginning it is said that there was a distance between the relationship between Simbu and Hansika.

But later on the relationship started become closer with the caravan chats. Then there were many controversies and gossips going around this couple that they are going to get married soon, they are in love. Then later on Simbu was the one who revealed the public through his tweeting that he is in love with one of the young Tamil cinema actresses. There the love story became hot through the news papers and other medias about this love between stars.

But the parents of Simbu and Hansika Motwani were opposing for this love. The reason behind the opposing of  the mother of Hansika is the career of Hansika Motwani. Then the father of T. R. Rajendran got convinced and declared to the media that he is agreeing for the marriage of Simbu and Hansika but as Simbu said, the marriage talks may begin after the marriage of the sister of Tamil actor STR Silambarasan Simbu ( Ilakiya ). Followed by that there was no opposing signs from Hansika side also.
Hansika in Simbu birthday
Then there were some advises going to Hansika negatively by the Tamil actress Simran and few others. But looks Hansika is very strong in her love and she has been doing. Then there were talks in the media saying there was break up between Simbu and Hansika too. Like proving that those break up talks are lie, Hansika went in to the house of Simbu on his 30th birthday ( 03/02/2014 ) and wished him for his birthday and gave him cake.

The update today ( dated 26th February 2014 ) is that the relation between Simbu and Hansika is ended with a break up today and the declaration has been made through a social network by Tamil actor STR Simbu saying, there is no relationship between Simbu himself and Tamil actress Hansika Motwani and the reason behind this break up can not be revealed publicly with the social media. Prior the father of Simbu, T. R Rajendran agreed for the marriage of Simbu  and Hansika will be there after the marriage of the sister of Simbu. Later the marriage of the sister of Simbu is finished. The mother of Hansika Motwani was opposing this love. Today's break up news of Simbu with Hansika has made their fans talk highly about this in today's Tamil cinema trend.

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