Complete Review of Tamil movie Puli Vaal

Tamil movie Pulivaal - Complete Review:

Tamil movie Puli Vaal
Pulivaal is one of the latest Tamil movies released in this month ( February 2014 ). In this movie,  famous actors and actresses namely Vimal, Prasanna, Oviya Helen, Tamil actress Ananya, Comedian Soori, Thambi Ramaiah and others have acted. In the technical side of this movie, Music has been done by N R Ragunandhan, Cinematography is by Bijan K Dinesh, under the production banner of Radhika Sarath Kumar and Listin Stephen. The director of Puli vaal is G Maari Muthu who has already directed few Malayalam language movie namely Sappa Kurisu which is the source movie of Pulivaal.

Core Story of Tamil movie Puli vaal:

The character of Tamil actor Vimal in Pulivaal is a normal man who is working in a Super Market and the character of Ananya is a collegue of vimal in the same Super market and their friend is Soori who is a SMS Jokes Specialist. On the other hand, the role of Tamil actor Prasanna is a richman who is looking to date with a woman for a single day even after getting engaged with the character of Tamil actress Iniya of this movie. Then he is calling the character of Tamil actress Oviya Helen who is working with him in his office to a guest house and making sex with her in a day. Without knowing the fact, Oviya is imagining that Prasanna is her husband for the whole life. At a stage Oviya comes to know about the engagement of Prasanna with Iniya and Oviya calls him to a coffee shop and blabbering with her full emotion and imagination thoughts.
By hearing the words of Oviya, Prasanna starts to blame Oviya back that she also desired to share the bed with Prasanna and then only they did sex only. Also Oviya adding that she will go to police and complain against Prasanna, then Prasanna shows the video of the bed sharing scenes between Prasanna and Oviya and scaring that he will mis use the video. Then Oviya gets disappointed on Prasanna and feeling shamed for interacted with him and leaving. At that time, Prasanna skids against the table of the coffee shop and trying to follow Oviya but the mobile of Prasanna is falling right below the leg of Vimal who doesn't even know how to operate the Smart phones.
Even though Vimal does not know about the video content inside that costly phone, he gets situations not to give back the mobile to Prasanna. Following by several twists in the screen play of the Tamil movie Puli Vaal, Prasanna gives that mobile phone to Vimal and saying him to keep the mobile with himself for ever. This is the core story of the movie Puli Vaal.

Complete Review of Tamil movie Puli Vaal:

Tamil Actress Ananya
The first half of Puli Vaal is significantly good and fast moving. But the second half of the movie is little bit dragging the scenes. For an example, the scene of Prasanna calling Vimal and Vimal keep on thinking whether to attend the call or not. This kind of scenes are repeating for few times. Vimal has been given probably right role of an innocent and scaring on his manager and the role of Tamil actress Ananyain Puli Vaal is not a big one. Then the role of Tamil actor Prasanna has been done by him nicely that at any point of the movie his character is not making the audience to get kindness about his character.

The two video songs coming in the first half are classy. Comparatively the Tamil actress Oviya has got more scope than the role of Tamil actress Iniya. The back groun music of this movie could have been bit better. Totally the story line of the movie Puli vaal is giving a good message that it is how much faulty to record the videos during the highly secret times but the screenplay might have been better to get the audience interested.

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