Complete Review and Story of Tamil movie Vallinam

Tamil Cinema Vallinam
In this page of, we shall look about one of the most recently released Tamil cinema, Vallinam. Even though there are many movies released at this week end, Vallinam has high expectation because of the star value and the teaser of it. Before going to the complete review of the movie, we shall have a glance about the Casts and Crew of the cinema Vallinam.

Cast and Crew of Tamil Cinema:

Hero of Vallinam movie - Tamil actor Nakul

Heroin of Vallinam - Tamil actress Mrithula Baskar

Music of Tamil cinema Vallinam - Tamil music director Thaman

Director - Arivazhagan

Producer - Ascar Films Ravi Chandran

Story of Tamil cinema Vallinam - Venkatachalam and Arivazhagan

Release date of Tamil cinema Vallinam - 28th February 2014

Singers of Tamil cinema Vallinam Album - Tamil actor Silambarasan, Tamil actress Andrea, Tamil music director Thaman, Mukesh, Hari Charan, Sri Ram Parthasarathy, Naveen, Madhav and KG Ranjith

Story of the Tamil Cinema Vallinam:

Tamil Cinema Vallinam is one of the movies with the game based story. But for a change, this movie carries the Basket ball game as the back bone of the story. In this movie, Nakul has acted as a college student in which himself and his friend ( Tamil actor Krishna ) are fine Basket ball players showing their high talents in front of all other students of the college but not participating in any competitions. One day when Nakul playing together with his friend in the ground, the basket ball hits Krishna on his chest and he dies on the spot. Then Nakul gets worried  much and stops playing basket ball completely. Then Nakul goes to other college and continue his degree by joining in the direct second year batch. Without knowing that Nakul is a second year student, the heroin of the movie gets ahead for doing raking Nakul and the first meet of the hero and heroin of the movie is designed quit interestingly with the dialogue of Nakul.

On the other hand, Nakul has been seen as a villain and then becoming best friend of a guy. THen this friendship is getting closer and closer with the following shots. Later on Nakul came to know that there is a senior student who is the caption of the Cricket team of the same college is insulting the friend of Nakul by occupying the basket ball's space for playing cricket and hits Nakul friend when he goes to ask him about the occupancy. There the clash begins between Nakul and the Cricket caption. After a fight, Nakul is getting challenged to win and give a Trophy for his college through basket ball. Then Nakul starts playing Basket ball again with an one on one competition with the final year student of the college.

Then, did Nakul's team win a Basket ball trophy for his college or not? Did he join hands with the heroin Mrithula or not? is the climax of the movie Vallinam.

Review of Tamil cinema Vallinam:

The complete story of the movie Vallinam is moving by focusing only on the character of Tamil actor Nakul. So he has got a high scope in this movie to expose his acting performance and he has utilized the chance well and good. Then the scope of the role of Actress Mrithula is not a great one with this movie. She has come probably only for the song sequences to show some glamour and thats it. Then all the side actors and actresses including Y G Mahendra have done their part good and attaches us with the movie.

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