06 December 2013

Tamil movie Vidium munn Story and Review

In this page of Tamil cinema the recently released Tamil movie Vidium Munn has been taken to discuss about. Before going and seeing about the review of this movie we shall see the cast and crew acted in this movie and worked for.

Cast and Crew of Tamil movie Vidium Munn:

Tamil actress Pooja Uma Shankar has done the major female role in this movie. Then 12 years old Malavika Manikuttan has done another major female role in this movie. Other than these two there are many negative male roles have played in this movie. They are, Vinoth kishan , John Vijay,  Vinoth Krishnan and other male characters have been done by Amarendran and Ruben.

Music for this movie is done by Girish gopala Krishnan and he has done the lyrics work also for this movie. Tamil movie Vidium munn is directed by Balaji K Kumar, Produced by Javed Kayup.

Story of Tamil movie Vidium Munn:

Most of the story line of the movie Vidiyum Mun happens in one single day. Tamil actress Pooja has done the role of a prostitute in this movie. Pooja has done the role of a very popular prostitute in this movie.  As per the story she minimizes her business and keep going. By this situation Pooja is asked to arrange a 12 years old girl for Vinoth Kishan. Pooja also arranges a 12 years old girl and getting to Kishan. But unfortunately Kishan gets killed in the meeting of himself to the girl and Pooja.

Here the running of Pooja with the 12 years old Malavika begins. Then with the well designed screen play  these two ladies are getting chased by 4 number of negative male roles of this movie with lot of twists and thrills. Each and every scene is unpredictable in this movie. The climax of Vidium Munn has a shock for the audience and shows whether Pooja and Malavika got escape from the chasing mob or not.

As interesting thing about this movie is that all media is appreciating about the movie. Acting of Pooja looks great in this movie. Also the acting of Malavika, she is not going to be said as a new face for silver screen camera. Then the screen play works makes the audience not to move from the edge of the seats even for a single frame.

Apart from the thrilling scenes, this movie has some interesting comic scenes with the dialogues like there is no loans available for the business like prostitution. 

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