Complete Review and story of Tamil movie Kalyana Samayal Saadham

Complete Review and story of Tamil movie Kalyana Samayal Saadham:

In this page of, we have taken one of the Tamil movies released in the tail end of the year 2013 namely Kalyana Samayal Saadham. Before going to the complete story and Review of this movie, we shall look the cast and crew of the movie.

Cast and Crew of Tamil movie Kalyana Samayal Sadham:

Tamil actor Prasanna - Name of Character is Raghu Viswanathan

Tamil actress Lekha Washington - Name of Character is Meera Chandrasekaran

Delhi Ganesh - Father of Meera Chandrasekaran

Uma Padmanaban - Mother of Meera Chandrasekaran

Serial actor Raghav - American return friend of Raghu Viswanathan

Story of Tamil movie Kalyana Samayal Sadham:

The story of this movie begins with a short introduction about the character of Meera Chandrasekaran ( Tamil actress Lekha Washington ). Then the parents of Meera ( Lekha Washington ) starts seeing bridegroom for her and they get Raghu ( Prasanna ) finally. Then the scenes getting the marriage arrangements of this couple after their endorsement to marry each other. Some beautiful scenes have been made to during Raghu and Meera meets by these times. As the relationship grows, Raghu and Meera dates at a time and they are tempting to do love each other. But unfortunately Raghu fails in that physically. Due to that Meera gets disappointed.

Then Meera advises Raghu to go for treatment as the marriage dates comes closer. So, Raghu also going for finding solution for his problem. He is going through many ways like Siddha, Jodhidam and Hospital treatment. After the failure of both Astrology and Sidha treatment on his problem, he goes for Hospital treatment finally. But struggles to get the appointment with the doctor. At this time the father of Meera comes to know about the problem of Raghu. Then he himself also comes forward to help Raghu. With the reference of the father of Meera, Raghu gets the hospital appointment earlier and getting proper consultation and going ahead for the marriage arrangements.

One of the interesting scenes of this movie, Kalyana Samayal Saadham is how Raghu solves the Marriage hall problem raises in the marriage. Additionally, there are many things related to the marriage arrangements have been shown in this movie.

Review of Tamil movie Kalyana Samayal Saadham:

The movie has got a new story in hand to make the scenes about. The casts Prasanna and Lekha have acted in this movie nicely. As this is a complete marriage related story, most of the scenes are comic and interesting. But the complete movie can not be seen by sitting whole family. Music is good with songs. One of the songs is framed by showing the facebook related things.

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